Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Mobile Phone

My Nokia 7210 is dying. The keypad doesn't seem to be working and the phone switches off by itself from time to time. The battery can go from full bar to low batt warning with just one phone call. This was the first colour phone I had, given to me by my cousin. So sad that it's dying now. Efforts to resuscitate it fail miserably. Seems that mobile phone nowadays spoils very quickly. Maybe the damn expensive Nokia N Series are more durable. Back when mobile phones were still not so popular, they seemed to be more durable. My monochrome Nokia 8210, given to me by my husband, is already 5 years old and is still doing well. No sign of dying.

Since my beloved Nokia 7210 is dying, my husband decided to buy me a mobile phone for Valentine's Day. He bought me a Sony Ericsson K618i, 3G phone.

This mobile phone comes with a 256MB M2 card. It has a 2.0 MP camera, which can shoot photos and take videos. It is also capable of playing MP3s and has Bluetooth connectivity.

It is a slim, lightweight mobile phone, weighing at only 89g. Overall, it's a very nice 3G mobile phone, with a decent range of features that most mobile phones have. I have already thanked my husband for this fantastic present. Perhaps, I should write him a note to thank him again.

Dear Mr Talkative,
Thanks so much for the mobile phone.

With love from,
Mrs Talkative


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back to Work

Yesterday was the first day I went back to work after my maternity leave. After not working for 60 days, it feels abit weird to be back in office. People did not expect to see me back in office yesterday. They thought that I would have taken leave till after CNY.

There are some work that I would have to complete before taking leave again for CNY. Feels nice to be back. Can't wait for the workload to pile up.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Old Folks' Belief

In our chinese culture, there are still alot of old folks' beliefs and superstitions, which are being practised even in our modern day living. We often hear sayings like

~ Don't sweep the floor during CNY.
Supposedly this will cause all good luck to be swept away. But my father sweeps the floor every first day of CNY anyway.

~ Don't walk under the ladder or staircase.
It is believed that you'll have bad luck if you do this. I've walked under ladders and staircase numerous times. I've got bad and good luck numerous times too. But I don't blame my bad luck on ladders and staircase anyway. It's just not logic.

~ Don't eat or drink standing up.
There are a number of reasons for this belief. Some say, you'll be a beggar. Some say, you'll have bad luck. Others say, you won't be able to control your bladder activity when you grow older. (Aiya, wear diapers lo!)

There are lots and lots of other beliefs. The list is endless. These beliefs are passed down from one generation to another. The cycle will never end unless one generation choose not to believe all those beliefs and superstitions.

My own belief is that all those old folks' beliefs and superstitions are for a reason. People in the olden days might have purposely create tales to teach the younger generation some lessons in life or to instill moral values in them. For example, you should not eat or drink standing up because your parents would want you to sit down at the dining table to dine together as a family. I can think of alot of valid reasons for each belief and superstition but then I'm too lazy to list them down there's just too much to write.

However, I would like to highlight one belief. There is a saying that you should not criticise or say something bad about someone, otherwise you would end up being with that person. Let me share with you a story.

Back in 1995, I enrolled for Add Maths tuition at a tuition centre. I was new and I did not have any familiar friends with me there. I was also too shy to make new friends. And so I just sat quietly at the back of the classroom. My attention, however, was always distracted, as there was a guy who was very talkative in class. I was rather annoyed that he could not stop talking to a group of friends. To add to my annoyance, Mr Talkative always wore a pair of big, black basketball shoes, which I thought was ugly. (That's right! Keep criticising.)

So, every lesson, I had to endure Mr Talkative and his big, black, ugly shoes. Luckily, I changed to another tuition centre after a few months. But that was not the end of Mr Talkative. I saw him again when I went to the public library to study. Fortunately, it's the public library, so he can't talk alot.

I had forgotten all about Mr Talkative after that. I went on to university. One month after orientation...OMG! There's Mr Talkative again! I can't believe my eyes. He's in the same university as I am. Being a small university back then, almost everyone in campus knew each other. And so, it was not long when I officially made friends with Mr Talkative, who turned out to be the former classmate of my coursemate.

The funny thing is that
~ one year after I criticise him, I saw him at the public library
~ three years after I criticise him, I saw him at my university
~ four years after I criticise him, I made friends with him
~ and ten years after I criticise him, he became my husband!


So, that's right. Old folks say don't criticise someone or you might end up being with that person. To me, I wonder if it's fate or simply coincidence. Definitely not old folks' belief!

And yes, he's still talkative and no, I don't allow him to buy any more big, black, ugly shoes!

P/S: I would like to apologise to my husband for calling him Mr Talkative in this entry. I realised, if he is Mr Talkative, that would make me Mrs Talkative! LOL!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Unfinished Business

Started a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle when I was pregnant.

It's still unfinished up till now. Just can't find the time and energy to work on it. Was hoping that I can finish it before CNY but I doubt it now. Still lots of blue pieces to go.

Heck, it's so tiring just to look at those hundreds of blue pieces!

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams...maybe not!

I'm so sleep deprived. I had not had a good night's sleep since 45 days ago. Or for that matter, I had not had a good night's sleep since 5 months ago. During the last few months of my pregnancy, I seemed to visit the washroom every 5 minutes. And during the last 45 days, I had to get up every 3 hours to feed my baby each night. Don't get me wrong. It's not hard to get up to feed my baby. My problem is that, it's very hard for me to go back to sleep after that. By the time I actually feel sleepy enough to doze off, it would be time for the next feeding again.

When Airasia had the free seats offer not long ago, I was very tempted to get a ticket to go "anywhere will do", not for a holiday but to get a good night's sleep. I am beginning to forget how a good night's sleep feels like. I wonder when I can experience it again.

Friends told me that life's going to be very different with a baby. I thought how different it could get. Now I know. It's very different, when you are getting only 4-5 hours of sleep a day.

I look like a panda bear now. I might as well live in a zoo.

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Pink Attack!

Pink isn’t exactly my favourite colour. It’s not that I have something against pink. I also own pink clothes, although the ratio of my pink clothes to other colour clothes is about 1:50.

So, why am I lamenting about pink now? Oh well, of late, there seems to be an increase of pink items in my household. Ever since the birth of my baby girl, I’m beginning to see pink everywhere.

First of all, even the present paper is pink.

There’s a pink pyjamas set.

A pink dress.

A pink blouse and pants set.

A pink bodysuit.

A pink sweater set.

Pink gloves and socks.

Pink gloves and booties.

Pink shoes.

Pink milk dispenser and feeding set.

Pink nursing cup.

Heck, even the hamper basket is pink.

Why do people always associate baby girl with pink anyway? Can’t baby girls wear blue? I myself did not buy any pink clothes for my baby. I bought her blue, yellow and white clothes only.

Anyway, thanks to all who gave her gifts. Really appreciate it regardless of whether it’s pink or not. Hehe… Due to Friendster's photo upload limit, I am unable to add more photos of pink stuff.

Well, I’ll try to influence her to like blue colour as she grows up.

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My husband and I got a very nice card from his colleagues to congratulate us on our new born baby girl. This is the card.


I've changed her diapers lots of times over the last one month. I'm CERTAIN that she's a girl.


Mistake...BIG TIME! I wonder if they realised it.

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One Full Month - Graduation from Confinement

Yes! I made it! It had been one full month since I had given birth. Our baby is now one month old.

Noticeable changes in our baby after one month are:

~ Longer hair

~ Longer finger nails

~ Increased cheek size

~ Increase 1.3kg in weight

We had a simple family gathering to celebrate this one full month event.

Our baby received a lot of nice gifts from friends and relatives. Thanks so much everyone.

I too received gifts during confinement. They came in the form of health revitalizing food stuff. Thanks a lot everyone.

Just hope that I can fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes soon. I am too “healthy” that most of my pants won’t fit! !@#$%

My first meal at the “kopitiam” after confinement. Wah…delicious!

After 11 months without “teh-c kosong”, oh my, this taste so heavenly.

~ Drooling~

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Food During Confinement

There are also food “pantangs” during confinement. I am not supposed to take food that has a cooling effect on my body. Only heaty food is allowed. This means that most of the dishes are cooked with ginger or pepper or wine in sesame oil and not the normal cooking oil. However, because I had Caesarian section, I was not supposed to take wine for 2 weeks (another “pantang”!). Not that I am complaining. I do not really like taking food cooked with wine anyway. This “pantang” is doing me a favour, as the wine will surely make my body heaty and sweaty; something that I want to avoid.

Apart from that, all food cooked for me is without salt! Yes, all the food must be plain. I think I am going to drink salt water for fun after confinement! @#$%!

Here are some of the foods I ate during confinement. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I had quite a variety.

Chicken cooked with dark soy sauce and ginger (Salt is not allowed but dark soy sauce is fine. What la, this “pantang”!!!)

Chicken soup cooked with ginger/white pepper

Kailan (Chinese kale)

Xiao bai cai (Chinese mustard)




Tang kwei chicken soup

Steamed chicken

Pig’s stomach soup cooked with white pepper

Chicken cooked with dried longan and ginger

Beef cooked with ginger

The famous kacama - chicken cooked with herbs, white wine and ginger

Mee sua (Chinese longetivity noodle) with chicken soup cooked with ginger

Pork cooked with black vinegar and ginger

Fish steamed with ginger

I am going to banish ginger from my life after this!

For dessert, I had apples.

I also had to drink DOM, supposedly to revitalize my body but I stopped taking after 2 nights, as my baby seems to get rashes on her face after I breastfeed her. Because of that, I also stopped taking kacama.

There is also a kind of Chinese medicine that I took, which can be obtained from the Chinese medical hall or shops selling Chinese herbs. This medicine is supposedly useful for getting rid of “wind” from my body. I had to take seven pieces of this medicine, one piece a day. Each piece is about the size of a quail’s egg and it costs RM10 each. It tastes a bit bitter.

Other foods which I consumed out of disobedience and lack of self discipline during my confinement are:

Durian cake

Tang yuen (Glutinuos rice balls)

Red bean bun




Cheezels and Pringles

Aiya, my gynae said anything also can eat la!

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