Tuesday, February 6, 2007


As I am writing this, I am 2 weeks away from my expected delivery date. The gynae has told me what the signs of labour are. The three signs that I am going into labour are:
1. When there is a blood show - loss of the mucus plug that protects the cervical opening.
2. When there is a rupture of membrane (water breaks) - leaking of odorless amniotic fluid.
3. When there is a consistent contraction - regular uterine contractions that feel like menstrual cramps or a low backache that comes and goes at 20 to 30 minute intervals.

The gynae mentioned that, if there is a blood show or if the water breaks, I should go to the hospital immediately. However, if I do feel some contractions, I should time the contractions and only go to the hospital when the contractions are about 10 minutes apart.

I still do not know if I would be giving birth earlier from the expected delivery date. The gynae has predicted that I may give birth about 10 days earlier due to the pattern of tightenings from the CTG graph. She has also predicted that my baby would be around 2.7kg to 2.85kg but would definitely be under 3kg. According to her, this is a good weight especially for the first pregnancy. The baby will be able to come out easier. I am opting for a natural birth if all goes well. Praying that all will go well.

My hospital bag is packed and ready about 2 months ago, awaiting the time that I would go into labour. My baby things are ready in place to welcome home the new addition to the family. Meanwhile, I am still in my normal routine, driving to work everyday. I have asked the gynae if I can drive when I'm having contraction pains and she said that it might be hard for me to concentrate on the road if the pain is too great. I also asked her about driving during the interval between two contractions and she said that usually the first contraction pain and the second contraction pain will be about 30 minutes apart. The 30 minutes pain-free interval might just be enough for me to drive home from work. You may be wondering why the heck am I still working? Well, I'm attending a course and therefore, I cannot take any leave during this period that happens to be near my expected delivery date.

I am now anticipating the long awaited moment of the birth of my first child.

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