Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Confinement in Modern Days

There are a lot of “pantangs” during the period of confinement. There are things you cannot do and there are things you cannot eat. The list is endless, so I will not attempt to list all here. A nurse at the medical centre told me that being pregnant is not difficult; giving birth is also not difficult, the most difficult time is during confinement.

For those who know me personally, do you think someone of my character would follow all those “pantangs” strictly? Hehehe…Grin all you like. I am sure you have the answer.

In the olden days, women in confinement were very much confined to the bedroom and they had to adhere to the list of things to do and not to do, as well as, the list of things to eat and not to eat. They were also all wrapped up from head to toe.

In this modern age, a lot of “pantangs” have been modified to suit our modern living styles. The “pantangs” are somewhat less strict but some are still pretty outrageous. There are also different “pantangs” for those who underwent natural birth and for those who had caesarian section. What the heck!!?!! So “ma huan”! People are saying that if you do not follow those “pantangs”, you will suffer when you get older. OK, OK, I know that, but some “pantangs” are just too difficult to follow through. I asked my gynae what I can and cannot eat after my surgery and my gynae said, in modern medicine, you can eat anything you like. It's usually the different races and cultural backgrounds that have “pantangs” in childbirth. OK, this sounds great to me!

Here are examples of some outrageous “pantangs”.

No washing of hair for 30 days.
~ I’ll try to follow. Wonder how long I can withstand it. Thanks to the dry shampoo and the fact that I cut my hair real short, I’m still coping.

Cover yourself from head to toe.
~ Err…my head was never covered. I wore socks for a grand total of 2 nights only. I started wearing shorts on the seventh day onwards. That was also because for the first five days, I was like “half dead” with diarrhea. Only on the sixth day, I had strength to break some rules.

Stay inside the bedroom at all times.
~ Ah? What? Living room cannot meh? Some more, I went to the medical centre on the seventh and eighth day. I also went to my grandmother’s house and my uncle’s house for dinner. I also had a car ride to MJC to do some shopping, but of course, I stayed in the car only.

Don’t wash your hands with cold water.
~ I had to. Otherwise, how can I brush my teeth? I also washed the baby’s milk bottle. So I had to wash my hands quite a number of times a day. Yes, with cold water. Too troublesome to get hot water all the time.

Do not expose yourself to cold wind.
~ Err…I can’t sleep without aircond. But of course, I compromise by not having the fan blow straight at me during the day time. I just enjoy the deflected wind.

Do not sit or walk around for too long.
~ Ah? The moment I wake up in the morning, I do not go back to bed till 7:00pm at night. I do not feel sleepy at all. I just go through the normal routine throughout the day. How can you expect me to sit or lie down whole day long? Grow mushroom la!

OK, I think you get the picture. I try to follow whatever “pantangs” that suit me while those that do not suit me are ignored. I am now on the halfway mark in my confinement. Another half month’s time to go and I’ll be out of confinement. I wonder how many more rules I will break over the next 15 days. I think I will need to break some rules to go shopping for some clothes for my baby. We'll see then. Hehehe…

~ Posted 28th December 2006 in Friendster Blog

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