Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Food During Confinement

There are also food “pantangs” during confinement. I am not supposed to take food that has a cooling effect on my body. Only heaty food is allowed. This means that most of the dishes are cooked with ginger or pepper or wine in sesame oil and not the normal cooking oil. However, because I had Caesarian section, I was not supposed to take wine for 2 weeks (another “pantang”!). Not that I am complaining. I do not really like taking food cooked with wine anyway. This “pantang” is doing me a favour, as the wine will surely make my body heaty and sweaty; something that I want to avoid.

Apart from that, all food cooked for me is without salt! Yes, all the food must be plain. I think I am going to drink salt water for fun after confinement! @#$%!

Here are some of the foods I ate during confinement. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I had quite a variety.

Chicken cooked with dark soy sauce and ginger (Salt is not allowed but dark soy sauce is fine. What la, this “pantang”!!!)

Chicken soup cooked with ginger/white pepper

Kailan (Chinese kale)

Xiao bai cai (Chinese mustard)




Tang kwei chicken soup

Steamed chicken

Pig’s stomach soup cooked with white pepper

Chicken cooked with dried longan and ginger

Beef cooked with ginger

The famous kacama - chicken cooked with herbs, white wine and ginger

Mee sua (Chinese longetivity noodle) with chicken soup cooked with ginger

Pork cooked with black vinegar and ginger

Fish steamed with ginger

I am going to banish ginger from my life after this!

For dessert, I had apples.

I also had to drink DOM, supposedly to revitalize my body but I stopped taking after 2 nights, as my baby seems to get rashes on her face after I breastfeed her. Because of that, I also stopped taking kacama.

There is also a kind of Chinese medicine that I took, which can be obtained from the Chinese medical hall or shops selling Chinese herbs. This medicine is supposedly useful for getting rid of “wind” from my body. I had to take seven pieces of this medicine, one piece a day. Each piece is about the size of a quail’s egg and it costs RM10 each. It tastes a bit bitter.

Other foods which I consumed out of disobedience and lack of self discipline during my confinement are:

Durian cake

Tang yuen (Glutinuos rice balls)

Red bean bun




Cheezels and Pringles

Aiya, my gynae said anything also can eat la!

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Leona Lim said...

hey do you have the kacama recipe?

chuasteph said...

leona: basically, you buy dried kacama leaves, and mix it with chicken and white wine. that's it.