Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

A belated Christmas wish to all of you out there and a very Happy New Year! I spent Christmas in confinement and it was not a very nice feeling. Christmas is my favourite festive season. I love going around in shopping complexes during Christmas, enjoying the nice decorations and the nostalgic Christmas music. And I had to miss it this year! @#$%!

I am beginning to have an anti-confinement feeling!

Every New Year's Eve, I would be out somewhere. In previous years, my husband and I went to count down parties. It was certainly fun and we enjoyed every bit of it.

This year...*sigh*...

Guess where I spent my New Year's eve?
~ In bed.

Guess what I did?
~ Tried to catch one irritating mosquito that bit my baby. @#$%!

Maybe I'll bring her along to a count down party next year :p

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