Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In the Operation Theatre

This entry is written based on what my husband told me afterwards. He was in the operation theatre with me the whole time but of course, I was unconscious to know that. Some parts of this entry might sound abit gross to non-medical people.

According to my husband, when he entered the operation theatre, I was already unconscious. He was sitting right next to me when the gynae asked him to stand next to her to observe the surgery. The gynae cut open my abdomen. My outer skin was clawed open with a steel claw. The blood from the edges of my skin were stopped from dripping by using some kind of apparatus. The gynae then cut a few more layers inside my abdomen before cutting open my uterus. According to my husband, she scooped out the baby just like that. And that was when she knew why the baby did not descend after so long. The umbilical cord was hooked around the baby's neck! The gynae quickly cut the cord. The whole process was very fast. It took about 10 minutes from the cutting of my abdomen to the birth of my baby. And she's a GIRL! Time of birth is 11:40pm on the 12th December.

The gynae was saying that the baby is clever not to descend because if she had descended, the umbilical cord would have tightened around her neck and this would have caused foetal distress and lack of oxigen. Thank God she did not descend.

The gynae passed the baby to a nurse, who passed her to the paediatrician who was present to take care of the baby. He placed a suction tube into her mouth and throat to suck her clean. My husband observed all these and then went back to see the gynae stitch me up. At some point, my husband recounted that my intestines sort of came out of my abdomen and the gynae just tuck it back in, like how you would tuck something into your handbag. Oh gosh, I don't think I could survive an operation theatre episode, with all those gross things that I hear from my husband. When the gynae was almost done, she asked my husband to go outside and wait for me.

I was awakened from my unconsciousness when I heard a doctor's voice called me. I was still lying inside the operation theatre. My head was spinning and I felt extremely dizzy. My throat was dry and stucked with mucous. I managed to utter a
few words, asking the doctor, I presumed he was the anaesthetist, how is the baby and what was the time then. He said the baby is fine and it was 1:00am then. After that, I was wheeled out of the operation theatre.

~ Posted 22nd December 2006 in Friendster Blog

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