Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Induction of Labour

My gynae would be on leave on the 15th December, therefore, my husband and I decided that I go for induction of labour on the 12th December, if I have not delivered by then. I had not, so, on the morning of 12th December, my husband brought me for a full and heavy breakfast, as advised by the gynae. After breakfast, we proceeded to the private medical centre. We reached there at around 8:05am and checked into the maternity ward. I changed into the hospital gown and the nurse proceeded to take my details and asked me to sign alot of forms.

The gynae came at around 8:40am and started the induction process by inserting a pill called Prostin to soften my cervix. It hurts alot and I let out a scream that probably could be heard next door. Looking at me scream, the gynae and nurses knew that I would need epidural later when labour pains came. They then left me to wait for the labour pains to start. I had to lie down for 1 hour without getting up.

I felt some kind of a period pain 5 minutes after the pill was inserted. This dull pain started to get abit stronger and came and went about every 10 minutes and then came and went every 5 minutes. Each pain lasted about 10 seconds. Every now and then, the nurse will come and take my blood pressure. At around 11am, a nurse came and asked me to eat something, as later, I would not be able to eat anything anymore once I am on epidural, for fear of side effects like vomitting. What the heck! Lunch was the last thing on my mind at that time. My husband then went to the cafeteria and got some sandwiches, which I ate, although I was not hungry. At 12 noon, a nurse came and gave me edema for me to clean out my bowels. Every now and then, the nurse also did a CTG to check the baby's movement and my uterine contractions.

At 1pm, I was transferred to the labour room. I was hooked up to the CTG machine to constantly check the baby's movements and my uterine contractions. At about 1:40pm, I was given a drip through IV to fasten the labour process.

I was beginning to feel contraction pains, which was still bearable at that point of time. The pain gets abit more and more and at 3pm, I requested for epidural. The pain I felt seemed to be constantly there and it made me tense and uncomfortable. The anaesthetist inserted a catheter at my lower back and put me on epidural. For awhile, it felt really good. There was no pain and I was very relaxed. I listened to music and played Solitaire on my husband's Palm LifeDrive. The gynae came to check my dilation at around 4:30pm and found that it was only 1.5cm. She proceeded to break the water bag. At that time, I had already felt labour pains for about 8 hours. Luckily, I was on epidural, so the pain was not really that great. I really admire those who could go through labour, experiencing the real labour pains without epidural. Even with epidural, the pain I felt was considered great, as I had a very low pain threshold. I began to feel more and more pain and the epidural was topped up and the dosage was increased.

The gynae and nurses subsequently did vaginal examinations to check the dilation of the cervix and found it to be only 2cm. The gynae was wondering why the baby did not descend yet after so long. During one of the vaginal examinations, the gynae tried to feel deeper and said that she could feel the baby's hair. But then, the baby was still pretty high up. By 10:30pm, the dilation was still at 2.5cm. Both my legs were already numbed from the epidural. The contraction pain that I felt was not too great but was uncomfortable and unbearable for long. I was dizzy as my head was spinning from the after effects of the epidural. I felt so weak as my last meal was about 11 hours before and I only had sandwiches. I felt like giving up. Caesarian section crossed my mind a few times at those moments. It was a decision I had to make. My husband suggested that I go for C-section, as he did not want to see me in pain any longer. I told the gynae to give it another 30 minutes and so she did. She checked me again at 11pm and the dilation was still around 2.5 - 3cm. And so, it was decided. After 14 hours in labour, we had to take an emergency C-section. My labour was not progressing and the CTG for the baby was not looking very good. The baby was starting to be in distress.

The gynae gave me an emergency C-section form to sign and everyone got ready to go to the operation theatre. I was having an unbearable constant contraction pain and dizziness. I knew what was going on around me only subconsciously. I knew that I was put on a stretcher and wheeled to the operation theatre. Everything looked like something out of the movies, with everyone rushing with quick steps. In the operation theatre, I was laid on the operation table. The anaesthetist then gave me a mask and asked me to breath in deeply. I lose consciousness after the third breath.

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