Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Marvellous Hong Kong - Final Part

On day 4 of our trip, we went to Ocean Park. The downside was that it was raining and quite heavy too when we reached there. We went there on a double decker bus. Never sat on a double decker bus before. (Sakai!!??) We had to shelter at McDonald's and grabbed some food to eat. And the McD here served pork. Yes, really! Pork! Can you imagine?? Pork kebab at McD. I thought I wrongly read the menu but I bulged my eyes and read again. Yes, it's pork. The rain persisted and so we had to buy raincoats to shield ourselves and walked in the rain. What the heck??!! Won't want to waste our time and fare coming all the way and not able to do anything here. The entrance fee to Ocean Park was HK185 (~RM93). I still have the raincoat in my wardrobe. Kept it for remembrance and for my next trip to HK again. Hehe ;)

Because of the rain, we did not get to do much at Ocean Park. Went on a few rides when the rain stopped. Got on the roller coaster and the Viking Ship. Also visited the UnderWater World, where we saw lots of sea creatures in the aquarium. It was a massive 4-storey aquarium. Not bad.

Also watched a dolphin and seal show.

It was late evening by the time we left, a little tired, a little disappointed because of the rain but had a fun time nevertheless. We went to another famous night market called Ladies' Night Market and did some shopping. The things sold here are similar to what are being sold at the Temple Street Night Market. Again, it was raining but we had our raincoats ready. It was really handy, though we looked like aliens walking around in the rain wearing the raincoat. Our shoes were soaked. I think that day, there was typhoon warning at level 3 if I'm not mistaken. It was really windy and cold. Imagine if a big typhoon came. That would be interesting!!

The next day, we went shopping. We went to alot of places. We even went to the New Territories. This is considered the "kampung" or rural districts in HK. The things there are very much cheaper. Yeah, you can get 90% discount on G2000 work clothes. Cool eh. Even their rural areas has got modern shops all around. We ate a sumptous meal there too. Roasted suckling pig and roasted goose rice. It was delicious. Will want to go back there for it again, if I can remember the directions, that is. By late evening, we decided to visit the Avenue of Stars at the Tsim Tsa Tsui Waterfront Promenade. Similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they've got the hand prints of HK singers and actors. Unfortunately, I deleted the photos I took of the handprints so I can't post any up. The view from the waterfront was fantastic. The water is high and boats just glide past every now and then. You can see the other side of HK Island (yeah, again this is the view you see the the HK Cantonese series on TV). Since we reach there late, we missed the lights show. Only had the photos of the buildings after dark.

After that, we made a quick stop at the Ladies' Night Market again as my friend wanted to buy something. We got back to the hotel around midnight.

On the last day of our trip, we lazed around and had our last round of wanton mee (~RM15 per bowl) before the tour operator picked us up and transported us to the airport. I forgot to mention earlier on that food here was really expensive but nevertheless, we just spent and ate what we could as all the food looks interesting and delicious.

This was really a great trip. HK is a very nice place to visit and I certainly look forward to visiting HK again soon. Because this was the first time I'd been to HK, I missed out on alot of places to visit. Will put those places on my list on my next trip. I want to go to Disneyland too. Hehe... It hasn't opened yet when I was in HK. Too bad!

One downside to this trip was that when we came back to Kuching, our luggages were tampered with. My luggage lock was destroyed. What to do??? Lucky, we bought insurance. So, we claimed for it.

Horrible people??!!

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