Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Marvellous Hong Kong - Part 1

I went on a 6-day-5-night trip to HK with my husband and some friends in August 2005. We flew from Kuching to KK and via KK to HK and the journey took about 3 hrs from KK. The view from the plane as we were reaching the HK International Airport was fantastic. All around were the sea and mountains. It was certainly a sight to behold. When we landed, we had to hang around the airport for an hour and a half, waiting for other tourists whom our tour operator was supposed to pick up as well. Even that delay did not dampen our spirits. Adrenalin was pumping at full force that time. Then the tour operator transported us to our hotel, the Prudential Hotel. We reached our hotel at around 5pm and started to explore the area and streets nearby our hotel.

Nearby our hotel is the famous Temple Street Night Market (similar to KL's Petaling Street but definitely bigger). The night market consists of endless streets of stalls selling everything from A - Z. Heck, the even sell something as cheap as a HK15 (~RM7) MP3 player. I did not buy that though. There were lots of clothings, crafts, fortune tellers, watches, bags, shoes, cheap gadgets, lingerie and yes, porno stuff out in the open, something of which you do not see in Malaysia. We did not finish exploring the night market as it seems endless and after grabbing some food, we went back to our hotel. It was almost midnight already.

The next day, the tour operator brought us for breakfast of tim sum at some restaurant. It was so-so only. Was expecting it to be much better. We then proceeded to Victoria's Peak (yeah, the famous hilltop view you see in HK cantonese series in TV). The view is nice but I still like the view from the plane though.

We also went to Repulse Bay, a temple-like place facing the sea. The view was very nice, as we were overlooking the sea.

There's the Guan Yin statue there too and numerous other statues, which, due to my limited understanding of Cantonese, I did not catch their names as mentioned by the tourist guide.

There's also the "Bridge of Longetivity", where it is believed that if you walk over it once, your life on earth will be increase by 3 years. Guess how many times I kept on walking across it. Haha...

From Repulse Bay, you can also catch a glimpse of Jackie Chan's house (yeah, the action hero, movie star). It's the brown house on the peak overlooking the sea. Imagine the view from the house but unfortunately, he seldom stay there, according to the tourist guide. He's only there a few days a year. What a waste!

We also took a boat ride to see the biggest floating restaurant.

We went touring around town, over the Island side as well as Kowloon. As usual, the tour operator brought us to alot of shops selling things like chinese herbal medicine, jade, jewellery, hoping that we would buy, as they will get commission from them. Touring the town is just something normal, nothing very interesting to see. The tourist guide talked non-stop about HK and its fengshui. All buildings and structures in HK supposedly have fengshui elements built into them. Anyway, by evening, we were due to take the train to ShenZhen for a 2-day 1-night visit. A tourist guide brought us to the train station and we took an hour train ride to ShenZhen.

~ Posted 12th November 2006 in Friendster Blog

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