Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Marvellous Hong Kong - Part 2

We were met at the train station by the China tourist guide. After we were brought to our hotel, we lost no time in exploring around. We went to the famous Dongmen, a place for shopping. There were heaps of people. I think the crowd there would most likely exceed Kuching's population. We only manage to get back to the hotel around midnight.

The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel. The tourist guide then proceeded to bring us to visit a place called Windows of the World. This is where miniature structures of famous places all around the world can be seen.

Here are some of the famous places around the world. I did not manage to take photos of all the places and I had forgotten the names of alot of places which I did take photos of.

There's the Angkor Wat (Cambodia), the largest religious monument in the world.

View of a japanese garden can also be seen.

There's Mount Fiji (Japan).

Here's Taj Mahal (India).

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy).

The Cologne Cathedral (Germany).

The Eiffel Tower (Paris).

The Colosseum (Rome).

The Pyramids and Sphinx (Egypt).

Niagara Falls (US/Canada).

Mount Rushmore (South Dakota, US).

There's also the New York City (US), before the terrorist attack.

The White House (Washington, US).

We spent almost the whole afternoon walking around Windows of the World. After that, we went to another place of interest known as Splendid China. There's also miniatures of famous places here.

The Forbidden City (China).

They even have the miniature of the Great Wall of China (China).

Here, we also watched 2 wonderful cultural shows, consisting of elaborated costumes and colours, dances, acrobatic feats and hundreds of people performing. It was the best 2 shows that I have seen in my life. Really! And that's also where my camera battery went flat. What a shame!

Right after the show (about 10pm), we hurriedly rushed to the train station to take the train back to HK. By the time we reach our hotel in HK, it was midnight already. We were drained.

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