Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My First 7 Days as a Mother

Day 1 as a mother started out with me lying down, unable to do anything and still dizzy after the C-section. It was 1:00am in the morning when I was wheeled back to my room from the operation theatre. Despite being dizzy, I managed to ask my husband a few questions.

"Got hair or not?"
~ Got...alot of black hair.

"Eyes big or not?"
~ Dunno...she didn't open her eyes, so I can't see.

"Look like who?"
~ Dunno...can't really see. Only looked at her awhile, then I came back to see the doctor stitch you up.

"How heavy?"
~ 2.6kg.

"How long?"
~ 47cm.

I could hear happiness and satisfaction in my husband's voice.

I fell asleep after that and my poor husband just sat in a chair next to my bed and took care of me. I woke up on and off throughout the night. By the time I felt more awake, my husband had been awake for 24 hours straight without sleeping. Pity him. I guess this marks the beginning of many sleep-deprived nights to come.

It was 13 hours after birth before my baby girl was wheeled to my room. I had asked my husband to ask the nurse to bring her earlier on but they only did at around 1:00pm. I could not get up from bed, so I only had the opportunity to look at her in
her glass cot from my bed. I saw her another time during that day.

I was given oral painkillers and the bad news was that I was allergic to one of the painkillers, Sinflex. It caused both my eyes to swell so big that I could hardly open my eyes. I was then given antihistamine to fight off the allergy. After that, I rested throughout the day.

Day 2 as a mother started with me requesting that I be taken off morphine on the IV. I had been lying down for 40 hours and I wanted to get out of bed. I tried sitting up and my head was dizzy and spinning. At about 9:00am, I got out of bed with the help of my husband and sat on a chair. My head was still spinning and my wound hurts.

The paediatrician came to let us know that our baby was OK with no sign of jaundice and that her blood type was A+. Later, I tried walking a few steps to the washroom with my husband's help. My head was still constantly spinning and my wound still hurts. I got back on bed to rest after that.

I asked my husband to request the nurse to wheel our baby to my room. It was already past her feeding time and so I could not breastfeed her. I touched her for the first time since her birth. The nurse will bring her to me again at 11:00am to try out breastfeeding. It was nearly 11:30am when the nurse brought our baby to me and taught me how to breastfeed her and how to burp her after feeding her. It sure was a unique first time experience and sort of mark my first step into motherhood.

My gynae also came to see me that morning and I asked her if I could go home that day. She said she would return in the evening and checked me out again but I must try and get up and walk around if I want to recover more quickly. I got up a few more times to go to the washroom throughout the day. By evening, my gynae remarked that I looked very much better. I was breastfeeding my baby and my gynae showed me how to breastfeed effectively and how to burp the baby. She then said I could be discharged and told me what medication she would prescribed for me.

The nurses then did the paperwork and my husband went to A&E to make the payment. At 7:00pm, I changed into my clothes and got ready to go home. I had to use the wheelchair as my wound still hurts.

That night was the first night my husband and I took care of our baby girl. I could not really get up much as my wound still hurts, so my husband had to run around to prepare the milk formula and water for our baby, as well as, take care of me. Pity him. He had been up and about for 72 hours without proper sleep.

Day 3, 4 and 5 as a mother were basically a routine of breastfeeding and preparing milk formula and water for our baby. I was still in pain but I tried to move around and help as much as I could. I also tried to breastfeed as much as possible in order to stimulate the production of breast milk. I was very tired and in pain most of the time. To add on to my tiredness, I had diarrhea for 5 consecutive days. Coupled with the lack of sleep and a lousy appetite, I was so weak that there was one night I could hardly get up from bed. Fortunately, our baby sleeps most of the time, only awaking when she wants milk or needs a change of diapers. Our baby is also starting to look abit yellow and we were worried that she'll get jaundice. We tried sunbathing her in the early morning sun.

Day 6 as a mother was also pretty much the same routine. Our baby still looked abit yellow, so we continue to sunbath her in the morning. One significant event was that our baby's umbilical cord came off on the sixth day in the evening.

Day 7 as a mother started out with sunbathing our baby. Later that morning, my husband brought her to the lab to do a blood test to check if she has jaundice. They poked her heel to get the blood sample for testing. When the results was ready, it showed that our baby had a bilirubin level of 9.8.

That afternoon, we brought our baby to see the paediatrician who took charge of her during birth. We brought the lab results with us. The paediatrician said the level of bilirubin was OK, as it was below 12. It was not high and she looked just fine. He said that the bilirubin level usually peaked at around day 5 to 7 and will usually decrease after that. So, there was nothing to worry about. We were very much relieved to hear that.

I was supposed to have my stitches removed that day as well, but my gynae was on sick leave, so I had to return the next day. When my bandage was removed, I saw that my cut was 10 inches long. It looked scary!

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