Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Mobile Phone

My Nokia 7210 is dying. The keypad doesn't seem to be working and the phone switches off by itself from time to time. The battery can go from full bar to low batt warning with just one phone call. This was the first colour phone I had, given to me by my cousin. So sad that it's dying now. Efforts to resuscitate it fail miserably. Seems that mobile phone nowadays spoils very quickly. Maybe the damn expensive Nokia N Series are more durable. Back when mobile phones were still not so popular, they seemed to be more durable. My monochrome Nokia 8210, given to me by my husband, is already 5 years old and is still doing well. No sign of dying.

Since my beloved Nokia 7210 is dying, my husband decided to buy me a mobile phone for Valentine's Day. He bought me a Sony Ericsson K618i, 3G phone.

This mobile phone comes with a 256MB M2 card. It has a 2.0 MP camera, which can shoot photos and take videos. It is also capable of playing MP3s and has Bluetooth connectivity.

It is a slim, lightweight mobile phone, weighing at only 89g. Overall, it's a very nice 3G mobile phone, with a decent range of features that most mobile phones have. I have already thanked my husband for this fantastic present. Perhaps, I should write him a note to thank him again.

Dear Mr Talkative,
Thanks so much for the mobile phone.

With love from,
Mrs Talkative


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