Tuesday, February 6, 2007

One Full Month - Graduation from Confinement

Yes! I made it! It had been one full month since I had given birth. Our baby is now one month old.

Noticeable changes in our baby after one month are:

~ Longer hair

~ Longer finger nails

~ Increased cheek size

~ Increase 1.3kg in weight

We had a simple family gathering to celebrate this one full month event.

Our baby received a lot of nice gifts from friends and relatives. Thanks so much everyone.

I too received gifts during confinement. They came in the form of health revitalizing food stuff. Thanks a lot everyone.

Just hope that I can fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes soon. I am too “healthy” that most of my pants won’t fit! !@#$%

My first meal at the “kopitiam” after confinement. Wah…delicious!

After 11 months without “teh-c kosong”, oh my, this taste so heavenly.

~ Drooling~

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