Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pink Attack!

Pink isn’t exactly my favourite colour. It’s not that I have something against pink. I also own pink clothes, although the ratio of my pink clothes to other colour clothes is about 1:50.

So, why am I lamenting about pink now? Oh well, of late, there seems to be an increase of pink items in my household. Ever since the birth of my baby girl, I’m beginning to see pink everywhere.

First of all, even the present paper is pink.

There’s a pink pyjamas set.

A pink dress.

A pink blouse and pants set.

A pink bodysuit.

A pink sweater set.

Pink gloves and socks.

Pink gloves and booties.

Pink shoes.

Pink milk dispenser and feeding set.

Pink nursing cup.

Heck, even the hamper basket is pink.

Why do people always associate baby girl with pink anyway? Can’t baby girls wear blue? I myself did not buy any pink clothes for my baby. I bought her blue, yellow and white clothes only.

Anyway, thanks to all who gave her gifts. Really appreciate it regardless of whether it’s pink or not. Hehe… Due to Friendster's photo upload limit, I am unable to add more photos of pink stuff.

Well, I’ll try to influence her to like blue colour as she grows up.

~ Posted 21st January 2007 in Friendster Blog

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