Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Second Trimester

!@#%! I am still having nausea and vomitting when these symptoms should have been gone already. My husband brought me to the gynaecologist for our first visit. The doctor checked me up and did an ultrasound scan. Everything seems to be OK except that my whole day sickness seems to be dragging longer than it should have. Even the gynae had to comment when taking my blood pressure, "Aiyo, your hand is so thin. Is it like that before you were pregnant?" The gynae also did an ultrasound scan to measure the size of the baby and to check that everything is OK.

My appetite was still bad. I had no cravings. I ate what my mouth could accept but then again, the food will come back out. I was moody. The second trimester should have been an enjoyable 3 months where I should have more energy and no more sickness. But no! It's just not meant to be.

Suddenly in week 16, the nausea feeling was suddenly gone. I felt a little better but I still had no appetite to eat. The constant nagging nausea feeling may have been gone but then I still vomitted on average, twice to three times a week. I guess this is still better than the first trimester, when my vomitting frequency was on average twice to three times a day. One cheerful side in this second trimester was that I started to sense a fluttery movement in my abdomen. It's the foetal movement. Occasionally, the movement is strong enough that I can see little bumps on my abdomen.

During appointments with the gynae, she used an equipment called the Doppler, to listen to the foetal heartbeat. It sounded like horse hooves running as the baby's heartbeat is an average of about 140 beats per minute. It's very reassuring to hear the sound of the foetal heartbeat.

My condition at this stage was generally better. Appetite did not increase though. Still trying to eat as healthy as I could. Durian season was in, so I took some to compensate for the very little food that I take since durian tastes much better than everything else. I have been vomitting for a total of at least 16 weeks with the frequency getting less and less as my pregnancy progresses. But nevertheless, I'm very stressed out from the vomittings.

Another problem plague me. I had some pain in my uterus at around week 22 and the gynae diagnosed it as premature contraction. Oh heck! One problem after another! !@#%!! I was given some Ventolin to soften my abdomen and reduce the contraction. Contractions as early as week 22 of pregnancy may result in a miscarriage. Both my husband and I were very worried. I tried to rest as much as I could. Went on the Ventolin medication for 2 weeks and rested for about a week. Luckily, the pain in the uterus was gone after the third week. I told myself to take things easy. I guessed I had been too stressed out and busy at work.

Despite eating so little, I actually did put on some weight and my abdomen started to grow a little bigger. My skin started to stretch more. This caused my abdomen to itch alot. I had to apply some cream to reduce the itchiness. Foetal movements are very much stronger now. Sometimes, it shocked me to feel the baby in my abdomen kick or glide. Doing taichi or somersaults I guess! The gynae did an ultrasound scan to measure the baby and found that the baby is about two and a half weeks smaller than the calculated dates. The gynae mentioned that the baby is not receiving enough nutrition. Oh gosh! I must eat more!

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