Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Third Trimester

In the 7th month of my pregnancy, I have entered the third trimester. This is the last 3 months of pregnancy. And the good news is, suddenly, I had the appetite to eat more and so I did. I have to give my baby more nutrition to grow big enough in time for the birth. Although I had the appetite to eat more, comparatively with the amount of food I take before I was pregnant, the amount of food I take now is still about the same, maybe just slightly more.

Alot of people commented that I looked just normal and they would not know that I am pregnant if not for my bulging abdomen. To myself, I think I did put on a little weight and a little flesh here and there. I may not be as big as a normal pregnant woman but I do consider myself big and clumsy, especially with my bulging abdomen.

The foetal movements are very strong in the third trimester. Most of the time, I am imagining the baby doing taichi and somersaults in my abdomen. That's exactly how I felt the movements, gliding from the left to right and right to left. Rather active I would say. It's a very nice feeling to feel the baby moving and friends are telling me that I would miss the feeling when the baby is born.

The gynae has started to perform a cardiotocography (CTG) test in my 8th month to record the foetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions. This is like a graph to show the heartbeat pattern and uterine contraction pattern. She also perform the ultrasound scan to measure the volume of liquor in my abdomen. The volume of liquor will determine when I am ready to give birth. When the time gets nearer, the volume of liquor will gradually reduce. A liquor level below 8 is considered not healthy and usually the gynae will advise that labour be induced. In my last scan, the volume of liquor is still sufficient.

I must say that my experience in this first pregnancy is certainly a unique one though plague with alot of problems. How I envy those with no problems at all in their pregnancies. Over the span of the first and second trimester, I had flu, cough, sore throat, gastritis, bone pain, heartburn, constipation, serious vomitting, fever and premature contraction.

My third trimester now is also not problem free. My heartburn is getting worse and worse. I had food poisoning and suffered from fever, diarrhea and vomitting. A week after my food poisoning, I fell down in the shower because the floor was slippery and I lost my balance. Yeap! Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Hurt some muscles and had some bruises from that fall. When I felt that I was falling, I quickly braced myself to try cushion my fall so that I would not hurt my abdomen. So I did not know how I landed but I know that I tried to land in such a way that my abdomen would receive minimal impact. I went to see the gynae the next day to check the baby's condition after the fall. The gynae did a CTG and an ultrasound and to our relief, said that the baby looks OK.

Monitoring the baby's movements in these final few weeks is very important. It's reassuring that I do feel the baby's movements now and then. The gynae advises that there should be at least 10 kicks in 12 hours. I do not really do the kick counts as I constantly feel the baby moving here and there in my abdomen. The surface of my abdomen is like the sea, with waves ebbing up and down when the baby is moving.

~ Posted 2nd December 2006 in Friendster Blog

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