Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feeling Defeated

I came back to Kuching yesterday after two and a half weeks in Singapore. I went to Singapore full of hope and determination. I came back feeling somewhat defeated and tired. After a single checkup with the Paediatric Neurologist, 5 sessions of Cranial Sacral Therapy and 7 sessions of Cranial Osteopathy, our baby saw no signs of improvement in her Nystagmus. Moreover, she seems to develop a bit of cross-eye. I am not sure what medical term to use for it, perhaps, strabismus or lazy eyes? Anyway, on the day we came back, she had some sort of inflammation on her lower right eye lid. By the way, she still suffers from a blocked tear duct on her right eye. She seems to have alot of eye problems. I pray that she will outgrow all of her eye problems. It's mentally exhausting to see her in that condition and not being able to do anything about it.

Well, the battle is not over yet! The only thing to do right now is to perform a home therapy, which the CST practitioner taught us, in the hope that it would improve her eye condition after a few months. If her eye condition do indeed improve, we were to go back to Singapore to have the practitioner continue working on her. Let's all pray for her.

So, let's just wait and see how everything goes from now. The feeling of despair kept overwhelming me from time to time, with the thought that our baby's Nystagmus may stay with her for life. I find comfort in praying and in listening to the song by Fish Leong, "Xiao Shou La Da Shou", which has a very joyful tune.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Vivo City

Yesterday, my uncle brought us to Vivo City.

It is located at the harbour front and has a magnificent view of Sentosa Island.

They even have a water playground on the rooftop and a fitness centre with a marvelous view.

There, we also saw this shop that sells Kuching kolomee. We saw another branch in Singapore Chinatown. I did not try any, as sources say that it does NOT taste anything like our Kuching kolomee. In fact, it does not even taste nice.

We had a walk around and then had dinner at this Swiss concept restaurant called Marche. The mascot for this restaurant is a nice looking red coloured cow. (Moomoo, you la!)

The concept of this restaurant is that there are stalls all over the place. Upon entrance, you are given a Marche card. They will use this card to swipe when you order from the stalls. The dishes you ordered are cooked on the spot. We had quite a few dishes last night. However, again, our baby seemed to dislike being out at night and made alot of noise throughout the dinner. When we left the restaurant, she feels OK again. Maybe she didn't like the smell of food. Seems that everytime we go for dinner at a restaurant, she'll make some noise but after leaving, she'll settle down once again.

Hmm...left the place half full again. Good for losing weight though.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Dinner @ Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine

This evening, we went for a walk at Takashimaya. My aunty's family then brought us for dinner at the Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine in Ngee Ann City.

The place is very nice but I cannot take too many photos as I was busy with my baby.

Hurriedly snap this photo and was very disappointed when I got home. Did not notice that the napkin tag was in full view.

Nice beaded curtains line the walls.

Dinner was delicious with Peking duck, baby lobster and other assorted dishes but unfortunately, our baby cried throughout the whole dinner. Therefore, I did not eat much. I carried her till my shoulder was stiff. Amazingly, the moment when we stood up and decided to leave the restaurant, our baby stopped crying and fell asleep. ZzzZzz...

What a clever little girl! Didn't want mummy to gain too much weight I think.

Hmm...grrhrrrr... I think that's the sound from my stomach. Good night!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Ah Ma!

Today is my grandma's birthday.

She is 81 years old.

Or as she likes to say it, her age according to the chinese calendar is 82 years old.

Happy Birthday Ah Ma! May you be blessed with a long, joyful and healthy life.

Cranial Osteopathy

Today, we brought our baby for the second session of Cranial Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Treatment Centre. The first session was yesterday.

Cranial Osteopathy is rather different from Cranial Sacral Therapy. It involves subtle and gentle adjustments to the cranial or skull bones and the sacrum or tail bone.

So far, the osteopath is saying that there are some restrictions in our baby's body. He is trying to relieve all these restrictions. We will be going for the third session tomorrow. We hope that soon we will see some improvements in her eye condition. Lately, we seem to see that she has a bit of cross eye. I hope this condition can correct itself soon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh No!

Oh No! My sister-in-law says those white dots on my baby's gum are not teeth. Shucks! One more thing to worry about now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Teething at 3 Months Old?

Yesterday, I noticed some white dots on our baby's gum. I thought it was just some milk residue after she had burp. Today, I had a good look at it and it was not just some milk residue. I asked my aunty if the dots were ulcers and she said that they did not look like ulcers to her. They did not look like ulcers to me either. My aunty asked me to try feel her gums to see if the white dots are hard or soft. I felt it and it seems to be abit hard. Teething at 3 months old? And quite a number of them at a time too.

I searched in the internet and found that babies do indeed start teething as early as 3 months old. Let's just hope my baby is really teething and it's not something else. I'm too paranoid these days.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Today, we brought our baby for the second session of the Cranial Sacral Therapy at Healing Gardens. The first session was on Monday, two days ago.

The therapist just put her hands on several vital points on our baby's body and our baby starts to feel it by reacting to it through crying. She cried more on this second session. So far, I have not seen any effect on her Nystagmus. Still looks the same to me. The therapist said that by the third session, we should be able to see some improvements.

Let's pray to God to guide the therapist in healing our baby.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weight Gain Weight Loss

Yesterday, at the Paediatrics Clinic, our baby was weighed and she showed an increase of 600g in weight. I weigh myself there too, and found that I had a decrease of 600g in weight. Am I transferring my weight to her? So, what happens when she hits 10kg? Am I turning into a bean pole?

*Sigh* ... I'm very tired.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Paediatric Neurologist

Today, we brought our baby to see the Paediatric Neurologist in Mount E Hospital.

The Paediatric Neurologist did not say much. He just said my baby looks fine and the Nystagmus will probably improved as she grows older. It might improve or it might heal completely or it might stay like it is now. He asked us to observe her for 6 months to a year. He also said that a brain scan is not necessary, as our baby seems to be growing as normal and looks healthy. In summary, the only thing that he asks of us is to observe her for up to a year. Since there's nothing we could do at the moment, we got the Paediatrician to give her the 5-in-1 immunisation, which all babies should get at 3 months old. In total, we paid RM500 for the visit.

On the way to the Paediatrics Clinic, we saw this clinic.

To all snorers out there, welcome to the Snoring Centre. Please do your snoring here. Thank you.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Passport Photo

We brought our baby to have her passport made the other day. Since she's quite fidgety when she's outside of the house, we thought it would be easier to have her photo taken at home. So, my husband asked his friend to help take her passport photo. The photo taken was very nice. He must had spent a lot of time and took a lot of shots to get this result. We were smiling away looking at her chubby face on the photo.

When we went to the Immigration Department, the officers there said that the photo can't be used as the face measurement is abit too big. Oh man! Now what? How can we bring her to the studio then? She's rather fidgety and to add to that, both my husband and I were quite busy trying to finish our work before going to Singapore this weekend. So, we had no choice. We had to take her photo at the dingy and dark staircase of the Immigration building. The man there who offered polariod photo taking looked fierce. He lay out a blue cloth on his table and asked us to put my baby there. Then he hurriedly snap the photo with the flash so near to our baby's eyes. Oh man! I was so annoyed with his attitude. Like we owed him money!! To add to my annoyance, he took out a cheap looking hairdryer and blew dry the photo. When the photo was ready, my gosh...our baby's face looked so horrible on the photo. Not only that, the color of the photo is so terrible. Our baby's face even shrinked on the photo and it showed half her body. And it cost RM10! I was so damn disappointed. But we can't do anything as we need her photo there and then.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Two Sundays ago, on 25th February, 2007, my baby suddenly developed a rare eye disorder called Nystagmus. I was so devastated. On Monday, I brought her to see a doctor. The doctor confirmed that my baby had Nystagmus. He said that her eyes will be permanently in that involuntary moving condition. My heart was so heavy when I went home that day. On Tuesday, my husband and I brought her to see a paediatrician at a private medical centre. He was the paediatrician who checked on her during birth. He said the same thing to me. I was feeling more and more down from that moment. The paediatrician refered my baby to the ophthalmologist in the same medical centre. So, my husband and I brought her to see the ophthalmologist on Wednesday. He did an eye scan for my baby. First, they put in eye drops to dilate her pupil and then did an eye scan. It was so heart-wrenching to see her little eyes being forced open by using a retractor (a wired peg thingy). Her eye scan results came back normal. There's nothing abnormal inside her eyes, the ophthalmologist said.

Both the paediatrician and the ophthalmologist agreed that a brain scan should be done to check on her brain. My mum, however, insisted that we see the ophthalmologist in the General Hospital first to get a second opinion. She helped me arranged for an appointment, so on Friday, we brought her to the General Hospital and waited close to 3 hours. The ophthalmologist there did the same thing. They dilate her pupils and did another eye scan, similarly, using a retractor to force open her little eyes. Poor thing, she cried and cried so loudly. The results came back normal too. So, they prescribed a brain scan at the end of the month.

I am at ends. I had been searching through the internet non-stop since the first day to read and find a cure. Every time, I read some of the websites that says that this condition will remain for life, I felt more and more depressed and desperate. I had problems controlling my emotions. Even while searching the internet, tears kept on blurring my eyes and I had to keep wiping them away. I could not sleep in the middle of the night when I woke up to feed her. I had no appetite to eat even though I was hungry, so I put the food in my mouth and swallowed it with plain water. I kept praying that God would heal her fast. I kept searching and searching through the internet and while most websites said that this eye disorder is incurable, I find comfort in reading a testimonial from a parent that said that Cranial Sacral Therapy helped healed their son's Nystagmus. I felt better. From there, I kept on searching to see where this sort of therapist can be found. I want very much for my baby to heal completely.

My aunty and uncles overseas were very helpful in helping me to find information, people and doctors who have treated Nystagmus before. I had also asked their help to find people who can perform the Cranial Sacral Therapy. I found a few in Singapore and my aunty had helped called them up to enquire. My uncle is abit wary of this therapy as it is not a mainstream treatment method and asked me to only use it as a last resort, as there is a need to consult Western doctors first. My aunty then found two Paediatric Neurologists in Singapore, who might be able to check on my baby. She also found a Chinese Physician who has treated Nystagmus before, but I was not sure if the Chinese Physician healed or improved the patient's condition. But then, it may take weeks or months, according to the Chinese Physician.

I felt stronger. I have to be strong for my baby. I started to eat more so that I can be stronger. For the past few days, I had been weak but after stuffing more food, I got my energy back. I pray to God everyday that he will guide the doctors to heal her.

My husband and I are flying to Singapore this weekend together with our baby to have the Paediatric Neurologists check on her. If a brain scan is also prescribed, we pray that her brain is normal and well. We will decide further whether therapy or treatment by the Chinese Physician is necessary from there.

Please pray for my baby.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Nicer Pants Once More

A week ago, my weight went back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I suspected it went back way before last week but I had no time to go weigh myself. For the past two and a half months, I have been wearing over and over again, the same few pieces of pants. Shirts and blouses were no problem. Now, I can fit in all my pants again. That's good news but then there's bad news. I forecast my weight will go further down again and perhaps my pants will fall. Will explain further soon.

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Today, my baby is baptised.

The baptism took place at the St Peter's Chapel behind St Joseph's Cathedral.

May God bless her always!

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Since I went back to work, my work load had started to pile up to the ceiling. Adding to that, come CNY where I spent my time between taking care of my baby and going visiting. After CNY, my work load protruded through the ceiling and piled up to the roof. Added to that, I had to take good care of my baby.

Will blog more soon.

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