Friday, March 23, 2007

Dinner @ Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine

This evening, we went for a walk at Takashimaya. My aunty's family then brought us for dinner at the Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine in Ngee Ann City.

The place is very nice but I cannot take too many photos as I was busy with my baby.

Hurriedly snap this photo and was very disappointed when I got home. Did not notice that the napkin tag was in full view.

Nice beaded curtains line the walls.

Dinner was delicious with Peking duck, baby lobster and other assorted dishes but unfortunately, our baby cried throughout the whole dinner. Therefore, I did not eat much. I carried her till my shoulder was stiff. Amazingly, the moment when we stood up and decided to leave the restaurant, our baby stopped crying and fell asleep. ZzzZzz...

What a clever little girl! Didn't want mummy to gain too much weight I think.

Hmm...grrhrrrr... I think that's the sound from my stomach. Good night!

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