Monday, March 12, 2007

Paediatric Neurologist

Today, we brought our baby to see the Paediatric Neurologist in Mount E Hospital.

The Paediatric Neurologist did not say much. He just said my baby looks fine and the Nystagmus will probably improved as she grows older. It might improve or it might heal completely or it might stay like it is now. He asked us to observe her for 6 months to a year. He also said that a brain scan is not necessary, as our baby seems to be growing as normal and looks healthy. In summary, the only thing that he asks of us is to observe her for up to a year. Since there's nothing we could do at the moment, we got the Paediatrician to give her the 5-in-1 immunisation, which all babies should get at 3 months old. In total, we paid RM500 for the visit.

On the way to the Paediatrics Clinic, we saw this clinic.

To all snorers out there, welcome to the Snoring Centre. Please do your snoring here. Thank you.


benedict. t said...


I stumbled upon your blog while searching for paediatrics clinic on google and it brought me to your blog. (the snoring centre picture)

From then, continued reading your blog. :) and now my wife also have you on her RSS. im guessing you're a catholic too?

benedict & jaclyn

chuasteph said...

benedict. t: hi benedict and jaclyn, thanks for reading. should you need more info on paediatric neurologist or ophthalmologist, you can email me. i'm currently having follow-ups with the paediatric neurology professor and the paediatric ophthalmology consultant of NUH, spore.


Hi, my baby was born premature, yesterday the paediatrician told us that his growth is slower than expected thus he suggested that we should see a paediatric neurologist, we were lost as we do not have any information about this at all, do you mind telling us which paediatric neurologist you went to and what's the charges like, and if possible what's the contact number

Thank you very much

chuasteph said...

hi jaspher, i brought my daughter to see a professor in paediatric neurology in NUH. i can't remember her name but you probably can find it in the NUH website. she was then the head of her dept. i can't remember the fees but there was a one-off fee the first time and then subsequent fees were slightly less. they probably have gone up now anyway, so best to call them and check. if you are a singaporean, it will be slightly cheaper. anyway, should you need any more info, feel free to ask :-)