Thursday, March 8, 2007

Passport Photo

We brought our baby to have her passport made the other day. Since she's quite fidgety when she's outside of the house, we thought it would be easier to have her photo taken at home. So, my husband asked his friend to help take her passport photo. The photo taken was very nice. He must had spent a lot of time and took a lot of shots to get this result. We were smiling away looking at her chubby face on the photo.

When we went to the Immigration Department, the officers there said that the photo can't be used as the face measurement is abit too big. Oh man! Now what? How can we bring her to the studio then? She's rather fidgety and to add to that, both my husband and I were quite busy trying to finish our work before going to Singapore this weekend. So, we had no choice. We had to take her photo at the dingy and dark staircase of the Immigration building. The man there who offered polariod photo taking looked fierce. He lay out a blue cloth on his table and asked us to put my baby there. Then he hurriedly snap the photo with the flash so near to our baby's eyes. Oh man! I was so annoyed with his attitude. Like we owed him money!! To add to my annoyance, he took out a cheap looking hairdryer and blew dry the photo. When the photo was ready, my gosh...our baby's face looked so horrible on the photo. Not only that, the color of the photo is so terrible. Our baby's face even shrinked on the photo and it showed half her body. And it cost RM10! I was so damn disappointed. But we can't do anything as we need her photo there and then.


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