Monday, March 26, 2007

Vivo City

Yesterday, my uncle brought us to Vivo City.

It is located at the harbour front and has a magnificent view of Sentosa Island.

They even have a water playground on the rooftop and a fitness centre with a marvelous view.

There, we also saw this shop that sells Kuching kolomee. We saw another branch in Singapore Chinatown. I did not try any, as sources say that it does NOT taste anything like our Kuching kolomee. In fact, it does not even taste nice.

We had a walk around and then had dinner at this Swiss concept restaurant called Marche. The mascot for this restaurant is a nice looking red coloured cow. (Moomoo, you la!)

The concept of this restaurant is that there are stalls all over the place. Upon entrance, you are given a Marche card. They will use this card to swipe when you order from the stalls. The dishes you ordered are cooked on the spot. We had quite a few dishes last night. However, again, our baby seemed to dislike being out at night and made alot of noise throughout the dinner. When we left the restaurant, she feels OK again. Maybe she didn't like the smell of food. Seems that everytime we go for dinner at a restaurant, she'll make some noise but after leaving, she'll settle down once again.

Hmm...left the place half full again. Good for losing weight though.

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