Friday, April 20, 2007

Driving Experience

There are more and more cars on Kuching roads nowadays. During peak hours, some main roads are pretty jammed up. Although the jam is still nothing compared to those of big cities, it's still a bad jam according to Kuching standards. Gone were the days where we can get to work in the matter of 10 minutes even at peak hours.

For the past 5 days, I had been a "driving instructor" for a good friend of mine. Well, not so much of an instructor, but rather a companion to accompany her while driving. She had not been driving alot ever since she got her licence, so she was abit timid on the road. My friend kept on telling me that her driving skills was KNS but I thought, "Hey, how bad can it be?"

On the first day, I could see that my friend was rather nervous. She drove quite slowly, about 40-50km per hour throughout our journey. I gave her some pointers and tips on driving. We managed to reach our office safely, in one piece. My handphone rang about 1 minute after I sat in my office. When I saw the number, I smiled to myself. Hehehe... When I answer the call, I started to laugh hysteriously.

Me: "Hello.."
Caller: (In a scary voice...) " wife with you or not?"
Me: (Laughing hysteriously...) "Ya, we reach office already. Her driving skills not bad la, why you sound so scared?"
Caller: "Aiyo, I'm so worried la. Meeting also can't pay attention."
Me: " can call her now. She's not driving."
Caller: "OK, OK."

On the second day, my friend was still rather cautious. We were still travelling at about 40-50km per hour all the way to the office. Again, we managed to reach our office safely. I told my friend that she had to drive me to the bank nearby during lunch time and she said OK. Anyway, another friend decided that he wanted to follow to the bank. My friend told him not to, since her driving skills was still not so good. He said never mind since he got buy life insurance. LOL! So, off we went. My friend started the car engine, put the gear into R and reverse the car. Suddenly...

Me: "Eh, why you use your left leg for your brake?"
Friend: (Looking confused...) "Ah?"

Then, all of us started to laugh so hard and the car was actually in the middle of the road at the parking lot, halfway reversed at that time. It was a hilarious experience. Actually, I was just going to explain to her that it's dangerous to use the left leg for the brake since if she do that, her right leg is still free and the car can still accelerate if she mistakenly steps on the accelerator. But we ended up laughing so hard that we could not talk for a few minutes.

Day three, four and five saw very much improvement in my friend's confidence and skills in driving. We were travelling at a faster speed of 50-65km per hour now. Control of steering and parking also showed a lot of improvement. Hey friend, I feel so proud of you! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for this experience that I could blog about. Your husband will sure be surprised at your driving skills this weekend.

Hehe...don't scold me ah.

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