Monday, April 2, 2007

First Class

I have been to Singapore lots of time, especially when I was little and in my teenage years, as my aunty and uncle reside there. But my last trip was the first time in my life I fly first class to Singapore. Aiyoyo, so sakai la.

My aunty asks us to fly first class, as it is more convenient for our baby, bigger space and all. Plus, we were bringing my grandma there as well, and she has a bit of mobility problem, so first class has got wider space to move about.

So, first class it is.

In Kuching International Airport, there's isn't much difference in flying first class or not, except for the shorter queue at the check-in counter. We also waited at the normal waiting area, as we checked in quite late and my grandma was with an officer who was wheeling her on a wheel chair, which took more than 30 minutes to appear after requesting for it. Damn So long!

The seats in first class are slightly wider and more comfy. There's more leg room for my long-legged husband. And the service is much better, even though the food served is still the same tasteless, plane food. I never did like plane food. Always wonder why some people can gobble down the entire serving. The service was better in the sense that they serve you drinks before take off and there's also a cold towel to wipe your hands with. After take off, there's another serving of drinks before the food comes. And they toasted garlic bread and warm buns to serve in the middle of the meal. The garlic bread and buns were good. I did not take any plane food, only the garlic bread and buns, as I was carrying my baby. After meal time, they gave us warm towels to wipe our hands. So, that's about all the differences that I experienced. Since I had to carry my baby throughout the flight and at the airport, I could not take any photos to post here. Should have snapped a few photos of the food.

Anyway, on our return journey, things were much better. We get to wait at the Golden Lounge at Changi Airport. The lounge, of course, is very, very, very nice and comfy.

They've got a whole range of over 50 newspapers and magazines. They've also got a business centre, a gaming station, OSIM iSqueeze, as well as, OSIM massage chairs. We did not try those out as I was carrying my baby. That's also why I have minimal photos. So, we only help ourselves with the free food and drinks.

The washroom is also sparkling clean. Took my baby in there when she did her big business at the lounge.

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