Saturday, April 28, 2007

For the love of coconuts

Yesterday, my friend brought me along on a shopping spree. She bought a trunkful of load.

Yes, a trunkful of load, as in coconuts.

Well, my friend is nuts about coconuts. She'll normally hunt around for coconuts and when she finds some, she'll buy up the whole load. She even has a contact number of a coconut supplier.

Referring to my last blog entry, this friend of mine is just beginning to drive pretty well. There's alot of improvement in her driving. She's even driving herself to work now. Anyway, yesterday, when she called up the coconut supplier and knew that there were coconuts to be bought, whoa...

All of the sudden, her driving skills kicks up a notch. She became so skillful in driving that I was so amazed. She was like so motivated and drove flawlessly and faster too. I wonder if she noticed that my jaw dropped. No, probably not. She's too engrossed with her coconuts.

Imagine how some coconuts can motivate some people.

The amazing thing is that, my friend and her family can finish that trunkful of coconuts in a matter of 3 to 4 days.

I salute you, girl! Hehe...

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