Saturday, May 12, 2007

Training Camp in Bau

Bau is a small town about 33km from Kuching. The town is famous for its "Tasik Biru", a big lake which used to be a gold mine years ago. I drove to the town one evening to take some photos of the lake around sunset time. The view is rather breathtaking.

Besides Tasik Biru, Bau is also famous for its caves, Fairy Cave and Wind Cave. I did not go to the caves though. No time for that.

Our organization has a training camp there for staffs to attend courses from time to time. This time round, we went to attend the induction course. The training camp is rather well-equipped.

This is our seminar room.

Accommodation is also provided there.

This is my room.

There's also a small lake with jogging track behind the seminar room, just outside the eating hall.

The eating hall, is not a hall actually, just a small room. Haha!

Apart from that, there's also a leisure room, where there's TV to watch, sofas to sit and relax to read the newspapers, a pool table and some carrom boards. They also have table tennis tables.

What we did this one whole week was not just attending courses and briefing. Every morning at 615am, there's aerobics exercises. After that, we have breakfast. At 745am, we had to gather outside the seminar room to sing our organization's song. This is then followed by public speaking sessions, where every participant has to give a 5 minutes talk. Our sessions will then start after this. There are 4 sessions a day. These 4 sessions are punctuated with lunch, tea breaks and dinner. In the evening, when the session finishes at 5pm, we have some light sports activities and games like dart, carrom, pool and table tennis competition. The last session will then resume after dinner from 8-10pm. There's even supper after that.

Anyway, our activities are carried out in groups. One of the very first activities we had was to build the tallest, most stable and nice tower. Our group has the tallest and most stable tower but the ugliest. LOL! This is our group's tower.

This is a picture of all the groups' towers.

It's rather fun but tiring. Wish all of us the best for our induction exams next 2 weeks.

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