Friday, May 18, 2007

Visit to a Village House

When I was in Bau a few days ago, my friend and I went to visit a good friend's village house about a few kilometres from the Bau main road. It was really fun. It had been a long time since I last went to a "kampung" house. The house was surrounded by small areas of home vegetation. There's vegetables and fruits all around. There's also a jungle-like area for a backyard. This is a picture of the backyard, behind my friend's house.

At the backyard is a steep slope and below the slope is a small stream. My friend told me that she used to fish there when she was little. She used to tell me stories of her life when she was little and it sounded so fun. Seems that she experienced a lot of things in her life that I've never experienced before. My husband used to label me "town kid" because there were alot of things that I never knew about village life. He knew much more than I did as he used to follow his father to "kampung" areas when he was little.

After going to my friend's village house, I felt even more like a "town kid". I can't even differentiate the different kinds of plants and trees. And I was terribly afraid of dogs. My friend's dog "Ah Phak" was in fact not like the fierce town dogs. To my relief, it was just sitting there in the porch, not even acknowledging my presence.

I took some pictures of the surroundings at my friend's house. This is her durian tree. It's a very big and tall durian tree.

This is the view of the sky in front of my friend's house. You can also see her coconut tree in the photo. Nice eh?

Now guess what this equipment is for?

It's a tool to pick papayas from the papaya trees. My friend was kind enough to pick some papayas for me because some people say that cooking papaya in chicken soup can increase the production of breastmilk. After taking it for a few days, I don't seem to see any improvements though.

Anyway, on our way back, we stopped along the roadside to check out some plants. There's alot of pitcher plants along the roadside.

I really had a great time. Thanks so much, my friend. If I have the chance, I would want to visit your village house again.

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