Tuesday, June 12, 2007

CT Scan

Yesterday, our baby went to see an eye specialist at the General Hospital. The eye specialist went through her medical history and see that all her other vital stats are okay. So, the eye specialist prescribed a CT scan for her brain. What the heck??! CT scan has got radiation. How can the specialist prescribe a scan with radiation for a 6-month old baby? I certainly do not know much about medical stuff but I do not want my baby to have a CT scan and expose her to radiation.

What am I to do? @#$%! Damn So frustrated!

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Kenny & Sin Ee said...

You are definitely right about radiation in CT scan. It can to certain extent induce mutation and can cause cancer 10-20 years down the road. However, CT scan is the only way to detect anomalies in the brain. Again, if know something is wrong doesn't mean that doctors have the solution.

Talking about radiation, sitting next to the window of an aeroplane is also a GOOD source of radiation. it is always better to get a seat further from the window and keep the screen window shut during flight.

GOD Bless.