Monday, June 25, 2007

Medical and Therapy Summary

We just came back from Singapore. Our trip this time was more well scheduled in terms of the medical appointment and the therapy sessions.

The visit to the Professor at the National University Hospital helped us to clear some of our doubts.

For one thing, the MRI scan is much better than the CT scan. MRI scan does not have radiation while CT scan has got radiation. One drawback of the MRI scan is that it requires our baby to be sedated for a longer period of time. As parents, we were naturally very worried about this and a thousand other things. According to the Professor, the sedation process requires our baby's heartbeat to be constantly monitored, to check that it does not slow down. (Whoa... my heart skipped a beat listening to this.) The MRI scan will approximately take 30 minutes and our baby has to keep absolutely still. Even the slightest movement will require the scan to be repeated and thus, prolonging the sedated condition. After that, when our baby awakens, she will be monitored to see if there are any side effects and to see if she is feeding and sleeping well. This is the whole procedure if we decide to let our baby undergo an MRI scan in Singapore. I am not sure what the procedure is like over here in Kuching. According to the Professor, the MRI scan will be able to show our baby's brain structure. She will then be able to tell what is causing our baby's Nystagmus, if any. Otherwise, she will declare our baby's Nystagmus as "cause unknown" and that our baby is simply born with it.

My husband and I decided that we would postpone the MRI scan, as even the Professor said that our baby's vitals and development seems fine apart from the Nystagmus. Thus, she is unlikely to have any neurological problems. Neurological problems will usually show in developmental delays.

At the Osteopathic Centre, our baby had 4 sessions of Cranial Osteopathy. The therapist found that there was a bit of tension at the base of our baby's skull. He tried to release the tension but our baby kept on crying and struggling so it was not easy. He did not want to force it on her too much and so he did the best he could and left her to calm down.

At the Healing Gardens, our baby also had 4 sessions of Cranial Sacral Therapy. The therapist also said that the base of our baby's skull is a bit tense. She tried to release the tension there. Again, our baby will cry and struggle. One thing I noticed was that both therapists were using almost the same techniques during the therapy sessions. One technique involved working on the optic nerves and it was always during this time our baby will start crying. I supposed she must had felt some pain or discomfort during the application of that particular technique. She seems fine during the other times apart from the fact that she dislikes lying down. The therapist taught me a home therapy technique to release tension on our baby's spine. I am now diligently performing therapy on our baby every morning and night.

We hope to be able to see some improvements soon.

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