Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Most Favourite

Kinder Bueno is my most favourite chocolate. It is so tasty that I drool thinking of it. Kinder Bueno is sold mostly in KL supermarkets, KLIA, Langkawi and Labuan. Most other shops in KL do sometimes have it also. Unfortunately, after searching high and low in Kuching, I have failed to find any shops selling Kinder Bueno here. Even the Kuching International Airport chocolate shop do not have Kinder Bueno. So what happens if a pregnant woman in Kuching is craving for Kinder Bueno? No la, I'm not pregnant. I'm just wondering, how will the husband find Kinder Bueno for her.

So, when I saw Kinder Bueno sold at a supermarket in Singapore, I quickly bought some to eat. I did not buy alot, only 2 packs consisting of 6 packets, as it was a hassle to carry them around since we still had to bring our baby to therapy that time. My husband and I confidently thought that we can buy more at Changi International Airport when we catch our flight back. But alas... it was not meant to be. I was so disappointed to find that there weren't any Kinder Bueno being sold at Changi. I was brooding all the way in the plane. Next time, I am not taking any chances. When I see Kinder Bueno, I am going to buy one whole box and eat to my heart's content! Then I probably can spare some for some pregnant women in Kuching who craves for it.

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