Monday, July 16, 2007

Toning Up

It had been a long, long time ago since I last exercised. If I remembered correctly, I stopped exercising after I conceived. And that was about 16 months ago. I was very active in sports before I was pregnant. I played badminton regularly and went for swimming and evening walks. Occasionally, I went mountain climbing. I stopped jogging and running a long time ago, as I tend to get this recurring ankle pain every time I jog.

Anyway, in the early weeks of my pregnancy, I felt very restless. It seemed so weird not to be able to indulge in the sports I loved. The restlessness went on for some time and eventually, when my morning sickness sort of subsided, I went to play badminton, though what I did was just standing in front of the net and had some light strokes and net play.

Well, now, 7 months after my Caesarian operation, I am ready to go back to sports. What should I indulge in for a start? Should I go back to my beloved badminton and swimming or should I try out something new, like the mystical yoga? Whichever sports I wish to indulge in, I hope it will help me tone up my muscles again. I feel that I am rather flabby now. Even though my weight remains the same, alot of people commented that I looked better now; not so thin anymore. I must be looking a lot rounder now, to the extent that my husband's grandmother thought that I am pregnant again. Hahaha...

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