Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Emperor Dragon's Whiskers

No, this is not a movie. It's not cat food either. It's just a normal snack of crushed peanuts wrapped in sweetened flour dough. But such an elaborated name nonetheless.

I love to eat it. It's just so simple and nice. I bought this snack at the Kuching Food and Trade Fair. This Whiskers stall can normally be found when there is some sort of food festival being held, i.e. in conjunction with Kuching City Day, Moon Cake Festival, Pre-Chinese New Year and the likes of those festivals. I have no idea where these people sell Whiskers during the non-festival periods. I have never actually seen any shops or stalls selling Whiskers for that matter. I wonder if they only sell during festivals and have no shop whatsoever outside the festival times.

Guess I will have to wait for the next festival to come to go hunt for my Whiskers.