Thursday, August 16, 2007

She Can Melt!

Last year, a bunch of us colleagues made friends with a girl from another office. We met while attending an internal organization course. She's a very nice, petite girl; small size, thin and most of all, extremely fair.

As time passed, we all became closer friends and met quite regularly for lunch, sometimes up to once a week to gather and gossip exchange news updates. Today, we had lunch again in conjunction with the farewell of one of our mutual friends who is furthering her studies overseas. This time, my friend drove us to an Italian restaurant for pizza. When I got on her car, wow..... or maybe..... walau eh.....

She's got every inch of her body covered up, including her face. Gosh, no wonder she is extremely fair. friend, this is not to criticise you but we are all so amazed with how you are able to keep yourself out of the sun so effortlessly.

1 comment:

Na said...

Yup...this tiny friend can profess outloud, not fearing even the most devout sunworshipper that she dislikes the sun very much. She wish she is living on the moon and needn't have to carry an umbrella outdoor all the time. Well, if you need to know all the bad things the sun can do to your beautiful body, ask her. Soon we will have sun visor drivers and black umbrella user mushrooming!