Thursday, August 9, 2007

Significant Difference in Life

Recently, my friend lamented that her life has been totally changed with the birth of her son. Everything changed so dramatically for her. Life for her had become totally different to the extent that she cannot fully accept it. She had no time to go out and have fun anymore, something that she loved and used to do. She feared so much even to get pregnant again now. Not so soon she said, I need rest and I need fun and I need to go out and I need to go play and I need sleep. So, second child will have to wait.

Yesterday, she showed me two pictures of her aquarium.

This is the picture of her aquarium before she gave birth. Nice eh?

This is the picture of her aquarium after she gave birth.

OMG! According to her, not only the aquarium became horribly dirty but the fishes and plants died too. Awww...poor fishes. Second child will definitely have to wait.