Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Free Kids Stuff

I remembered back when I was little, I sometimes secretly buy the RM0.20 junk food from the school canteen. Why the secrecy? That's because my father did not allow me to eat junk food. And so I had to buy them secretly. (I hope my father doesn't read this entry!) Anyway, in these junk food packets, there used to be free stuffs, like small plastic rings, stickers, plastic robots or whatever that appeals to kids. Sometimes, there's even coupons to exchange for stuffs meant to trick us innocent kids into buying more of those unhealthy junk food. Despite the fact that the junk food is unhealthy, being kids, we just had to have a taste of it, not so much of the junk food, but more of the fun in getting the free stuffs that came together in the junk food packets. Then, there's also free ice-creams, where random ice-cream sticks will have stamps on it, allowing you to claim for another free ice-cream and stuffs like that.

Well, those were the days. These days, I seem to think that those things do not exist anymore. I thought that those companies selling junk food and ice-creams do not practise the same marketing strategy anymore to increase their sales. Junk food and ice-creams that I have consumed over the last 10 years do not seem to give any free kids stuffs anymore. That was my thought, until last Friday, I had an ice-cream to soothe myself in the heat of the day and I got this.

Hey, it says free 1 ice-cream! I wonder if I really can exchange it with a free ice-cream. Makes me feel excited like a 7-year old kid. Hehe...

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