Monday, September 10, 2007

Medical Updates - Bintulu Trip

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were in Bintulu. We brought our baby there to visit a Taiwanese therapist. This therapist was a friend of my husband's friend. Coincidently, when my husband's friend heard of our baby's condition, he suggested that we should see his friend, the Taiwanese therapist, who periodically visits Sabah and Sarawak and operates a few clinics in this 2 states.

And so we went. Our baby had 3 sessions with him. From my observation, his techniques are rather similar to that of the osteopath we saw in Singapore. However, he was more "rough" and daring in his musculo-skeletal manipulation. He asks us not to worry as he knows what he is doing. So, we just stood by to observe and hear our baby cry and cry and cry.

According to the therapist, he said that our baby's top of the spine (cervical spine), her C1 and C2 seems to be pressing on her nerves, causing the flow to the optic nerves to be disrupted and thus, causing her Nystagmus. His explanation very much concurs with the medical articles/journals which I found on the Internet. He taught us to massage just below our baby's skull and let her lie down on her back more often, supported by a pillow, so that her head is slightly bent upwards. We must also prevent her from arching herself backwards, as this cause her C1/C2 to press on her nerves further.

Since then, I have been massaging our baby's neck area everyday. I'm not sure if I'm paranoid or what but since the day we came back from Bintulu, it seems that our baby's Nystagmus really has improved a little. The jigglings have seemed to slow down and she seems to be able to hold her eyes steady for a second or two at times. Apart from that, she seems to be able to look around and touch things when she is on her baby walker, something that she does not do before the Bintulu trip. When she came back from Bintulu, we seemed to sense a difference in the way she interacts with her surroundings.

Although she still squints at times and is still sensitive to light, we are inclined to think that her Nystagmus does indeed improved a little. We will continue to observe her for a longer period of time before making a definite conclusion.

Here are some pictures from Bintulu. This is the Bintulu Airport, a smaller replica of the Kuching International Airport.

This is Bintulu town centre.

When we were there, there was a kite festival on. It was held at the runway of the old Bintulu airport.

Really nice kites!


Snap no Stevun said...
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Snap no Stevun said...

Ohh Bintulu...I have to go back one more time. 2 years(i think) of my pre-primary school life happened there. I remembered mum walked me through a kampung pathway to the school. I used to hate it and worry I might step onto some chicken poo poo dotted along the way. One thing I remembered vividly was how pungent the kampung smell was at that time(to me), but am happy I experienced such an environment before. Free range chickens, and probably some piglets which i can't remember, running wild. These days, kids grew up in a different world... all sanitised. Your hubby would be able to tell you how I went to his old home to fish out of the two ponds he has....memories...