Friday, September 28, 2007

Medical Updates - Miri Trip

Last weekend, we were in Miri to bring our baby to see the Taiwanese therapist whom we saw in Bintulu. Again, our baby had three sessions of therapy with him. Our baby kept on crying throughout the sessions. She started to cry even before the therapist massaged her, either because she recognized his voice or she could smell the pungent odour of chinese medicine there. I do not see any differences in her condition at first, but after the third session, again she seems to be able to hold her eye steady for one to two seconds. Now, her eyes seems to be back to jiggling again. Less occasions of holding her eyes steady for awhile, as the gap of the last therapy session becomes larger. Similar case as before. The therapist remarked that her condition seemed better, although I could not see it. He just asked us to continue doing what he did, by massaging her at the base of her skull. I am giving her Cranial Sacral Therapy, as well as massaging her every night. Let's hope her condition will be better soon.

We arrived at Miri Airport on Friday and went back on Sunday. The airport is again a miniature version of Kuching International Airport. I reckoned all airports in Sarawak will end up looking the same as KIA.

We had more fun in Miri compared to Bintulu. For one thing, there were more shops in Miri. And this time, we went with some friends. We stayed in a 3-bedroom executive suite. The place is great. This is the our bedroom and bathroom.

This is the living room with a sofa set and a TV.

There is also the dining area and kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave.

This is the view from our bedroom.

We had seafood for dinner at a seafood restaurant.

Look at the lobster. It's huge. It's shell has very nice patterns. But we did not order it as it probably costs more than the cash we brought.

Over the 2 nights we were there, we had a variety of dishes. We had crabs.


Crabs fried with egg.

Kam Heong crabs.

Chilli crabs.

Sea clams.


Four-variety vegetables.

This is a picture of bullfrogs in an aquarium. Unfortunately, one of the bull frogs ended up on our dinner table. It tastes like chicken.


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