Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We Can Only Plan, God Will Decide

The other day, I had some flashback of memories. I recalled the times during the last stage of my pregnancy. How anxious I was at that time for our baby to come out fast. How high my anticipation was for signs of labour to show. How I kept wondering how our baby looked like. Will she look like me? Will she look like my husband?

I remembered saying to my husband that I wished our baby would have large eyes like his and would be tall like him. Then, I asked my husband, do you think our baby will be chubby? My husband jokingly said, how can you expect her to be chubby when both of us are stick figures? From where can she get her chubby genes? Then I remembered answering him, you're so tall but your parents are not. So? Why can't our baby be chubby when we are thin? But at the back of my mind I thought, yes, you're right, we are both thin, so how chubby can our baby get? Then I asked him, both of us have dark skin, so do you think our baby will have dark skin too?

And so, we could only talk about it. We could only imagine how she looked like before she was born. But God will decide everything. Turns out, our baby do not have my husband's big eyes. Turns out, she's not only chubby now, she's VERY CHUBBY. Turns out, she fair. Haha... a total opposite of our imagination. A lot of friends say our baby looks like me. But she's got a lot of my husband's features. Large feet (she probably needs big size shoes next time), tall (I hope she can continue to be tall and not short like me), thick eye brows with a whorl at the end and the exact same hairline.

So, there you go. You can plan, you can imagine but God decides.

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