Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Medical Updates - Singapore Trip (October 2007)

My husband and I just brought our baby back from Singapore about a week ago. We brought our baby to see a Paediatric Opthalmologist in the National University Hospital. All in all, we spent about 3 hours at the hospital, while waiting for the doctors to check on our baby. First, she was checked by the Paediatic Opthalmologist, who then asked her colleague, another Opthalmologist to check on her. The Opthalmologist did a series of tests, suitable for babies, by holding interesting looking toys of various colours and sounds to try and test if our baby follows the objects and to see if our baby does indeed reach out to grab the objects. Her conclusion is that, even though our baby does reach out to the objects, she seems to have difficulty focusing on the objects, as she squints whenever she tries to see the objects in front of her. Both Opthalmologists then had a discussion and decided to call upon another colleague, a Neuro-Opthalmologist to assess our baby. They did a series of tests again and find that our baby seems healthy in all other aspects, except her Nystagmus. Finally, they concluded that our baby's Nystagmus is not due to any neurological problems but rather due to motor problems, which maybe muscle related. I am not sure I get this precisely correct but it is something along those lines. Anyway, after that, an Optometrist checked the power of our baby's eyes. She concluded that our baby experienced long-sightedness, which is far greater than the average of her age. The Paediatric Opthalmologist then said that she should be monitored as she grows older, hoping that her long-sightedness can be improved and that she might need glasses when she grows older. I also asked if our baby's eyes are correctly aligned, as it looks to me as if her eyes are abit out of alignment. The Paediatric Opthalmologist then said that it looked quite alright to her. She also did a retina scan and concluded that the inside of our baby's eyes are clear and her retina is fine.

We went home feeling somewhat relief. Relief that our baby's Nystagmus is not due to some serious neurological problems. But deep down, we still pray that our baby's Nystagmus can be healed as she grows older.

In this short trip to Singapore, we did not go out much. We just had a lunch and dinner with two friends. And of course, I bought my Kinder Bueno. Just bought 2 value packs, as my husband again said that this time Changi Airport should have the stock.

Unfortunately again, Changi Airport does not have Kinder Bueno but only Kinder Chocolate. And no, they are not the same. Anyway, the airport looks more like a shopping centre rather than an airport.

The husband decided to haul back some vodka. So, we stopped by the alcohol shop.

He decided to buy 2 bottles, Absolut Vodka and Absolut Citron because if you purchased 2 bottles, they apparently give you a free small 5-bottle collection.

After happily paying for it, we went to have an afternoon snack at Spinelli. I had a cheese cake while he had a cinnamon cupcake.

Hmm...yummy, the little brat just sat in her stroller and watched us eat. Pity her!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Giant baby with giant feet needs giant shoes.

It was hard to find a big enough pair of shoes for the little brat in Kuching. Luckily, we managed to find a really nice pair in Singapore. Since the little brat babbles non-stop calling "ah papa..papapapa...ah papa.." while in Singapore, so the ecstatic Papa decided that she must be bought a really nice pair of shoes.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flat Building

Ever seen a flat building before? Like it's a piece of paper standing on the ground?

I saw this building in Singapore. Of course, it's like any other building but from the angle that I took this photo, it looks like it's a paper-thin piece of aluminium sheet standing on the ground.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's been nearly two weeks since I last blogged. The reason? Of course, what else but workload, workload and workload. I should not be complaining though. There are people with much heavier workload compared to mine, for example, my beloved husband, who has turned into a double workaholic. Can you believe he had a phone call at 6am this morning and then off he went, into the shower and out of the shower, gave me a kiss and then out of the door. He works too hard. Nothing seems to stop him from working, not even the flu/cough virus and the lack of sleep. *Sigh*

And here I am, complaining about a few tight datelines that I had to deal with. Nevertheless, I've just recovered from some viral infection myself. My throat was in pain and my head was also racking in pain. Three days ago, I almost blacked out. Of all the places, it happened in the church, while I was attending a wedding, in which I was supposed to be the witness. I can still vividly see the image of myself. While I stood in the pew, I became faint. I could not breath. I quickly walked outside while I still could walk. My chest became tight. My vision became blur. My arms and legs were suddenly weak. I tried to take deep breaths. Calm down, I told myself. Cold sweat began to break. I wiped them off my forehead. After while, I quickly returned into the church. I was worried that they would call for the witnesses soon. Suddenly, the black out attack came again. Imagine my horror as I experienced it a second time in a matter of ten minutes apart. I quickly walked outside again. A wave of nausea overcame me. Again I took deep breaths. My mind was reeling with anxiety. I knew that the priest would be calling for the witnesses soon. I prayed that I would not faint at the altar. I quickly went back in. When I was called to the altar to sign as a witness, I was feeling a little better. Thank God I did not faint right in front of everyone.

After the mass, the bride's father helped to massage my neck. It releases the pain in the back of my brain. I felt nauseatic again. Later on, I went to see the doctor. He suspected that it might be migraine. Until today, I still feel a mild streak of pain in the back of my brain. I hope that it will subside soon.