Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's been nearly two weeks since I last blogged. The reason? Of course, what else but workload, workload and workload. I should not be complaining though. There are people with much heavier workload compared to mine, for example, my beloved husband, who has turned into a double workaholic. Can you believe he had a phone call at 6am this morning and then off he went, into the shower and out of the shower, gave me a kiss and then out of the door. He works too hard. Nothing seems to stop him from working, not even the flu/cough virus and the lack of sleep. *Sigh*

And here I am, complaining about a few tight datelines that I had to deal with. Nevertheless, I've just recovered from some viral infection myself. My throat was in pain and my head was also racking in pain. Three days ago, I almost blacked out. Of all the places, it happened in the church, while I was attending a wedding, in which I was supposed to be the witness. I can still vividly see the image of myself. While I stood in the pew, I became faint. I could not breath. I quickly walked outside while I still could walk. My chest became tight. My vision became blur. My arms and legs were suddenly weak. I tried to take deep breaths. Calm down, I told myself. Cold sweat began to break. I wiped them off my forehead. After while, I quickly returned into the church. I was worried that they would call for the witnesses soon. Suddenly, the black out attack came again. Imagine my horror as I experienced it a second time in a matter of ten minutes apart. I quickly walked outside again. A wave of nausea overcame me. Again I took deep breaths. My mind was reeling with anxiety. I knew that the priest would be calling for the witnesses soon. I prayed that I would not faint at the altar. I quickly went back in. When I was called to the altar to sign as a witness, I was feeling a little better. Thank God I did not faint right in front of everyone.

After the mass, the bride's father helped to massage my neck. It releases the pain in the back of my brain. I felt nauseatic again. Later on, I went to see the doctor. He suspected that it might be migraine. Until today, I still feel a mild streak of pain in the back of my brain. I hope that it will subside soon.

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