Friday, December 28, 2007

Spot the Same Shape

Some time ago, when I was doing therapy and massaging for our baby, I suddenly noticed something. She was wearing a hand-me-down pyjamas belonging to her cousin. This is my view of her from where I sat.

Look at the photo and see if you can spot 2 same shape.

Can you see it? No? Scroll down...

Our baby's nose is the outline of the Mickey Mouse shape. Hehe...

I know, I know. I should not be making fun of her. But when I first saw it, I was laughing away by myself. Hahaha...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Our baby has started to mumble monosyllabic words repeatedly. Among her first words are "ah teh teh teh" and "ah pa pa pa". Lately, when we go out in the car, I would let her sit beside me on the passenger seat. I would then try to teach her more words. This is an extract of our teaching and learning process.

Me: BB, you want nen-nen?
BB: Nen-nen-nen
Me: Pa-pa
BB: Ah-pa
Me: No, BB, say Pa-pa.
BB: Ah-pa
Me: Pa-pa
BB: Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa
Me: Mum-mum
BB: Mum-mum-mum
Me: Mum-my
BB: Ah-pa
Me: Not Ah-pa, it's Mum-my
BB: Ah-pa-pa-pa
Me: OK la... *Kiss*

Every morning when she just wakes up, we would have this conversation.

Me: Good morning BB. *Kiss-Kiss*
BB: Ah
Me: How are you this morning, B?
BB: Ah
Me: You didn't call Mum-my?
BB: Ah-pa
Me: Not Ah-pa. It's Mum-my.
BB: Pa-pa
Me: OK la, Pa-pa then. Come kiss Mummy.
BB: *Lean her face towards me and press her lips with dripping saliva over my cheeks*
Me: Good girl.

So, everyone in our household has become her Papa now, as she calls everyone Papa.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


The other day when I was driving home, I trailed behind this motorcycle that was carrying 4 people on it. The sight of it made me cringed. A man handled and drove the motorcycle, with his son, who was about 6 years old, sitting in front with his legs bent and rested on the handle bar, his wife, sitting behind him, holding a little girl who looks about 3 years of age on one side of her lap, half jutting out of the safe seat perimeter of the motorcycle. The little girl, obviously oblivious to the dangerous position she was in, was looking intently on something she held in her hand. Both adults wore safety helmets but both kids had none on them.

All the while, my car was trailing behind them. I was reluctant to overtake as my mind churn waves of thoughts of situations like this, which was all too familiar in the city of Kuching. In my heart, I murmured a prayer. "Dear God, please keep this family safe no matter where they go. Please make sure that they get home safely. Please let them afford a car."

As I was praying, I felt a pang of anger. Life is never fair. This family had to expose themselves to danger because they did not have a car. But there are lots of family out there, with plenty of cars in their houses. I thought about rich kids, whose parents bought them Mercedes or BMW for their 18th birthday. But then again, life is never fair. This brought my thoughts to numerous times when I saw mothers carrying new borns or very young babies while fathers drove their motorcycles. I really symphatize with them. I always prayed hard that nothing bad will happen to them and that they will get home safely. But then, what else can I do besides praying?

I sighed heavily. What can I do about it? I had no idea. The rich is getting richer , the poor getting poorer and the average sandwich in between.

It's just so heart-wrenching. Dear God, please provide for all those in need, be it body or soul, physical or spiritual. Thank you. Amen.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday

Two days ago, it was our baby's first birthday. I felt very happy and excited. She's finally 1 year old. In preparation for her birthday, we brought her for her first haircut. This was her hair before her first haircut.

During her first haircut, she cried and struggled like never before. I had to hold on to her and I had her hair all over me. Anyway, this is her hair after the haircut.

Not much difference eh? There's a bit of difference actually. She now looks more like a boy again, like when she was younger and had shorter hair.

Well, a few days after her haircut, my husband and I decided to go shop for a dress and a pair of new shoes for her. We bought her this nice white dress.

We also bought her this pair of shoes.

So, on her birthday, we dressed her up with the new dress and shoes. We just had a simple family dinner. We also bought her a Winnie the Pooh (my husband's favourite character) cake.

During her birthday dinner, we gave her some noodles to eat and she enjoyed herself thoroughly. Mummy and Papa love you so much, lil' girl.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Oh my! Last week, my cousin came to visit us. He just came back from Langkawi and KL and he bought me Kinder Bueno.

So delicious. Thanks so much, Lex.