Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Our baby has started to mumble monosyllabic words repeatedly. Among her first words are "ah teh teh teh" and "ah pa pa pa". Lately, when we go out in the car, I would let her sit beside me on the passenger seat. I would then try to teach her more words. This is an extract of our teaching and learning process.

Me: BB, you want nen-nen?
BB: Nen-nen-nen
Me: Pa-pa
BB: Ah-pa
Me: No, BB, say Pa-pa.
BB: Ah-pa
Me: Pa-pa
BB: Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa
Me: Mum-mum
BB: Mum-mum-mum
Me: Mum-my
BB: Ah-pa
Me: Not Ah-pa, it's Mum-my
BB: Ah-pa-pa-pa
Me: OK la... *Kiss*

Every morning when she just wakes up, we would have this conversation.

Me: Good morning BB. *Kiss-Kiss*
BB: Ah
Me: How are you this morning, B?
BB: Ah
Me: You didn't call Mum-my?
BB: Ah-pa
Me: Not Ah-pa. It's Mum-my.
BB: Pa-pa
Me: OK la, Pa-pa then. Come kiss Mummy.
BB: *Lean her face towards me and press her lips with dripping saliva over my cheeks*
Me: Good girl.

So, everyone in our household has become her Papa now, as she calls everyone Papa.

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