Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is so...

This entry is just a random stress reliever. It's been a busy and hectic 2 weeks for me. More work to come over the next 2 months. I need a break. I must stop looking and feeling stressed. My level of anxiety is probably at the maximum now because I can't seem to concentrate on doing my work. It's adding up in heaps now. I don't even want to look at it.

The chubby kid at home is growing more naughty by the day. I do hope to have some time to bring her to the Taiwanese therapist soon. I feel so helpless looking at her everyday but not being able to do anything to improve her Nystagmus. I brought her for her second haircut about a week ago. Her hair is even shorter now. She looks 100% like a boy now. Nevermind, I'll just add a hair pin for her so she'll look more girly.

Such is life of late.

I've got some photos of tHe Spring but then it's not fun to blog about this mini-size MidValley Megamall. It's probably a quarter in size of MidValley Megamall and most shops are not even opened yet. Ta Kiong supermarket is good though. They've got a whole section selling imported chocolates. Yummy!

CNY is coming soon. I anticipate lots of people would probably add on to the noise pollution by playing fire-crackers and fire-works illegally. What the heck! I hope to catch up on my work during the 2-day holidays then.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Scent

Each and every baby has got his or her own kind of scent. It's a very subtle yet pleasant scent. I love that baby scent that my baby has. Sometimes, at my office, while I'm busy at work, I would suddenly smell her baby scent and thought of her. I'm sure all parents know what I'm talking about. People say that when your baby grows older, the scent will be gone. The other night, I was wondering, any way to record a scent? I want to be able to remember her scent when she grows older.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Pleasant Surprise

Thanks so much. I would have prefer if you come visit empty-handed though. It was nice chatting with you.