Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY 2008

CNY this year is rather quiet for me. My parents were travelling and so I could not visit them. I called my Grandma, Aunty and Uncle in Singapore to wish them Gong Xi Fa Cai. And then I called another Uncle in Perth. He said CNY is just like any other day in Perth. Haha...

I did not go out much except to a few relatives' houses. The chubby kid has to take her nap every afternoon, and so I had to stay home to make sure she takes her nap. There were quite a number of people who came to visit and so my husband was rather busy entertaining them. His friends came for a gathering on the first night of CNY and stayed drinking till 2:30am. It sounded fun with all the jokes and laughter but I did not join them because I had to put the chubby kid to bed and then I myself fell asleep.

The chubby kid received quite a number of angpaus. Talking about angpaus, hehe...look, my aunty gave my husband and I each an angpau. Golden angpau some more! Don't play play!

And look at the angpau she gave to the chubby kid. A 3-D angel angpau. So nice!

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