Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Her Favourite Toy

The chubby kid does not have alot of toys. She has a few rattles and some soft toy and a talking book. You see, the thing is that, she doesn't really like playing with all those toys. She prefers playing with stuffs like the Astro remote control, the TV remote control, my handphone, which she flings away as far as possible when she's done playing with it, wastepaper basket, plastic bag, laundry basket, papers, brochures, unused cardboard, chairs, fan, tubes of cream, tissues, etc. Certainly a weird selection of toys for an infant.

So, some time back, I tried to put her toys (real toys) in a small red basket to see which toy she will choose and play with. I just wanted to see if she has a favourite toy.

And indeed, she has. She immediately reaches out for it without considering the others. Guess which is her favourite toy?

It's the small red basket used to stash her toys. Hehe...


Nana said...

Ngaidi.... Funny kid :P tell her, aunt Nana want all her soft toys..

rozie said...

so cute.. :)