Monday, March 10, 2008

Disney Activity Tricycle

The chubby kid has a new toy. Well, not new actually. It was a gift from my friend, given to chubby kid when she was 1 month old. It's a Disney Activity Tricycle.

My husband fixed it up last 2 weeks and we tried to put chubby kid on the tricycle and pushed her around. And... she did not like it very much. She would only sit on it for a minute. Well, maybe we will have to wait till she's older, when she can really stand firmly on her own and start to walk. Maybe, by then, she will want to ride the tricycle. As for now, she still does not know how to walk on her own. She still needs to hold onto the wall or chair to move about. Sometimes, she cannot even stand up properly. Still too chubby I reckon, even after being sick for more than a month and losing some weight because of it.

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