Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Long Awaited Holiday

Tomorrow, I will start my holidays. A 6-day non-working holiday. How sweet that sounds. My husband and I, together with chubby kid, will be going to Penang and Langkawi together with 7 other friends. Our plans are to visit places in Penang and eat as much Penang food as possible. Then, we would go duty free shopping in Langkawi. Kinder Bueno, here I come. Hehehe... More updates whenever I can borrow "Internet time" from my husband's buddy who is bringing along his laptop and has a 3G unlimited broadband subscription. Otherwise, if I am enjoying myself too much, then updates will have to wait till I am back home.

I just hope that chubby kid can endure this travelling period since she is still coughing and has minor wheezing. Once back, we would then be off again the very next day to Hong Kong, this time, a 5-day working holiday. I have to attend and present in a conference there. Let's just hope everything will be fine, especially for chubby kid. It will be her first ever non-medical trip, followed by a second non-medical trip right after that.


Nana said...

Sound very SONG hoh.... Enjoy!!!

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