Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Penang, Pearl of the Orient

The first day we landed in Penang, we did not have our own transport and so we took a taxi from the airport to our rented apartment. It was already 6pm+ in the evening and we were all hungry. The 9 of us and chubby kid decided to go out and look for some food nearby the place we stayed. We were delighted when the guard at the gate told us that there are some food places nearby and gave us the directions to the place.

And so we walked and walked. And walked. Hey, are we lost? No sign of food places. We stopped and asked around. Someone mentioned that Gurney Drive is just nearby. Walk straight up and turn the corner and you're there. OK. So, we headed for that direction.

It's about 8pm now. No Gurney Drive in sight. My arms were already aching from carrying chubby kid, all 13kg of her. Can you imagine walking for more than 1 hour carrying 13kg of load? Of course you can't imagine. Let me tell you how it felt. Think of yourself carrying a pack of rice (10kg), a pack of sugar (2kg) and a pack of flour (1kg). Then walk 4 rounds at the track in the stadium. That's how it felt.

Suddenly, we saw the Gurney Drive sign. Feeling somewhat happier, we were more energetic and walk towards the turning. When we made the turn, !@#$%! What the heck! The hawker stalls are still like a mile away. We could see the lights shining brightly from far away, mocking at us.

This can't be a good start for our holidays. We saw some taxis outside the hotel where we stood and comtemplated what to do. We then decided to just take the taxis to the hawker stalls. What a relief that was to my arms and legs. And indeed, the hawker stalls were really still very far away.

Being tired and hot, chubby kid was very cranky. I hardly ate with her making a lot of noise and crying. At about 9pm+, we took the taxi back to the apartment and rested, looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

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