Monday, March 3, 2008

A Visit to the Chinese Physician

And so the chubby kid's cough and wheezing continues. I no longer knew what to do. My father suggested to bring her to see the Chinese Physician. I was thinking, OK, why not?

So, my father accompanied me and chubby kid to see the Chinese Physician. There's this funny and a little embarrassing episode that happened while we were at the clinic. My father told the nurse that it was chubby kid's first visit there and so the nurse asked for chubby kid's chinese name. My father told her in mandarin.

"Huh? What did you say?" I asked my father.

My father answered with what he thought was chubby kid's chinese name.

"No la, Pa. That's not your grandchild's name." I told him the correct name.

OK, and then the nurse asked, "How do you write it?"

"Huh? I don't know. Pa, how to write?"

My father tried writing the chinese characters.

"Is it like this?" he asked me.

"I don't know. Wait, let me call and asked." I answered.

And so, I called my husband and asked him to tell my father how to write chubby kid's chinese name. I hope we got the name right.

Haha... and all the while, feeling a little embarrassed, I try to avoid looking at the nurse, who must think that I am horribly pathetic. Daughter's own name also don't know how to write. Luckily, my father was there and luckily, he knew mandarin.

Anyway, we waited for nearly an hour and then it was chubby kid's turn to see the doctor. My father went in with me. He told the doctor what was wrong and the doctor just checked a few points on her body and told my father, what was causing the chubby kid's cough and wheezing.

OK, due to my limited understanding of mandarin, this was what I supposed the doctor said. He said that, chubby kid had indigestion problem and because of that, it affected her lungs, causing her to have minor bronchitis and flu. Therefore, he is prescribing the medicine to cure her of indigestion. When that is cured, so will her cough and flu. And in the meantime, do not give her too much food. If she does not asked for food, then do not give it to her.

OK then. And so, that day, I gave chubby kid less food and less milk. And you know what happen? Chubby kid woke up at 4am the next morning because she was hungry. What the heck? She refuses to go back to sleep until I decided to give her a bottle of milk at 5:30am and after that, she went back to sleep.

Lesson learnt. Do not underfeed chubby kid. Otherwise, I would lose sleep for waking up early.

Another lesson learnt. Must bring someone who knows mandarin with me to see chinese physician.

Yet another lesson learnt. Must learn how to write chubby kid's chinese name in mandarin characters.

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Snap no Stevun® said...

Good point. I shall learn from your lesson. I hope your chubby kid chinese characters arent difficult to write~