Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to Penang

Our ferry ride from Langkawi back to Penang was uneventful. Chubby kid slept throughout the 3 hour journey, so I had the chance to go up to the ferry's open deck to have a view of the sea.

When we reached Penang, we had a driver waiting for us to bring us to our rented apartment. After checking in and resting for awhile, the driver came back to bring us to Queensbay Mall, a huge shopping mall, three or four times the size of tHe Spring, Kuching. We had Nandos for dinner there before taking a taxi back to our apartment.

The next day, the driver came to pick us up again. He brought us to have the famous char koay teow at Lorong Selamat. The char koay teow is fried on a wok heated by charcoal instead of a gas stove. Apparently, this aunty with a funny looking red hat and protective glasses has been frying koay teow for more than 30 years. Mind you, I was not even born yet when she started to fried koay teow.

Looks yummy right? Tastes yummy too! But, I suspect this was the culprit that caused my husband and a few of his friends to have food poisoning the day after. I was OK though. Fortunately, I was OK because chubby kid shared my portion of char koay teow.

The driver then brought us to buy tambun biscuit and Penang white coffee before dropping us at the airport, where we had Nandos again. Hehe... Why Kuching no Nandos one?

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