Friday, April 18, 2008

A Brief Stopover in Kuching and Off to Hong Kong

And so, our flight from Penang reached Kuching at about 8pm. When we reached home, we quickly unpacked. Soiled clothes goes into the washing machine, alcohol goes into the cupboard for alcohol and chocolates goes into the refrigerator. Then we prepared chubby kid for bed. Once she was asleep, we quickly had a brief dinner and started to pack fresh clothes for our Hong Kong trip the very next day. This was a working holiday, as I would be attending a conference and presenting a paper there.

After packing and a quick shower, we finally settled into bed and were asleep in a matter of a few seconds. It was tiring, as we were up and about for the whole day. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, my husband woke me up. He told me that he was not feeling very well. He said that he seemed to be suffering from food poisoning and he was very dizzy and cold. Oh no! No, no, no. This can't be happening. I quickly went to get him some medicine and asked him to rest as much as he could. At around 5am, he was still cold, dizzy and weak. I made him some milo but he did not have any appetite. He went to the next room to sleep, as he was practically shivering. My mother-in-law had already cooked some porridge for chubby kid, so I quickly scooped some for my husband. The warm porridge at least gave him some strength.

We had 2 hours before our flight to Hong Kong and we had to reach the airport in one hour's time. My husband was still dizzy and weak. Chubby kid was still sleeping. I quickly prepared everything needed and finished packing the last minute stuffs. When chubby kid was awake, I got my husband to have a hot shower while chubby kid had her porridge. Then, we were off to the airport.

At the airport, I had some problems checking in. Apparently, my name was not in the MAS system. What the heck! !@#$% I was cursing away at the travel agent lady who handled my booking. Such an irresponsible employee! She made a booking but never confirmed with MAS. The check-in counter MAS staff then tried to get me a place on the flight and finally, everything was settled after more than half an hour. Damn stupid travel agent lady! I was so angry!

With 30 minutes more to take off, we proceeded to our gate and waited there. Chubby kid was a little cranky. My husband was tired, dizzy and weak. I was upset and had a mild headache from lost of sleep. I went to buy him a can of 100+ to drink to replace the body salt he lost from the diarrhoea he had. Things were not looking good. I hoped my husband could withstand the journey.

We had an hour of transit in Kota Kinabalu en route to Hong Kong. No change to my husband's condition. Luckily, chubby kid was easy to handle alone. She slept on the flight to Hong Kong from Kota Kinabalu and so did my husband. We reached Hong Kong at about 3pm and there was this long queue at the immigration. Gosh! I glanced worriedly at my husband. He still looked pale. When we got out to the arrival hall, I gave chubby kid her milk before we all proceeded to the taxi stand, which was like so far away. We took a taxi to the hotel in Tsim Sha Shui. The damn taxi driver ripped us off by taking alot of turns here and there to get to our hotel. Our taxi fare was HKD380, which was equivalent to about RM160. !@#$%

When we reached the hotel and checked in, my husband rested while I took care of chubby kid. I gave my husband some more medicine and he slept for a full 2 hours before waking up briefly and continued sleeping until the next morning. I played with chubby kid in the hotel room while my husband rested. My father SMSed to ask if my husband was OK and if not, he would fly out to Hong Kong to help take care of chubby kid. I told him everything was OK and there was no need for him to come over. After awhile, chubby kid was also asleep. I, after such a strenous and long day, dozed off too.

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